Sliding Door Seal Replacement

Sliding Door Seal Replacement

Dubai Repairs is an independent local business who focus on the repair or Sliding Door Seal Replacement. We are primarily based in Dubai and are running for over 10 years and still grow on a yearly basis. We saw the need to give customers the opportunity to repair their windows and doors instead of having to replace them at a way higher price, and are busy doing so ever since.

Sliding Door Seal Replacement by Dubai Repairs

We pride ourselves on our quality product, value for cash and our personal service, this has enabled us to go from strength to strength and our main source of labor continues to be repeat business or word of mouth recommendations. Sliding Door Seal Replacement We replace steamed up windows, broken or born hinges, door handles, and door locks and amongst a bunch of different common faults that are found regarding windows or doors. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and we provide free, no-obligation quotes to all of our customers. We look forward to hearing from you presently.

Our UPVC Sliding Door Seal Replacement

Window Handle Repairs

We can replace broken and worn UPVC and timber framework handles in colors to match the existing surround.

Door Repair

We match the new door hinges, door panels, and letterboxes. We are frequently asked to suit new cat flaps, each into existing doors, whether glazed or panel.


Replacing the enclose uPVC or picket windows may be terribly cost-effective various to replacing the full unit. Retentive the existing framework while upgrading the double glazed unit with a lot of thermally efficient or aesthetically pleasing glass units is far cheaper than you will assume. Most households would save on average 75th on a very new window, furthermore, there’s little disruption and mess with a mean house being transformed in just a few hours.

Door Lock Failure

All uPVC doors come with multi-point door lockup mechanisms that tend to breakdown and fail over time. This does not mean a replacement door is now needed. We will replace the majority of uPVC door lockup mechanisms no matter getting on, with a ‘like for like’ or another system if the door lockup mechanism isn’t any longer obtainable. We can replace worn barrels and may upgrade to more secure anti-snap, anti-drill, and anti-bump barrels

Door Handle Repairs

The most common door fault we encounter is broken handles. This might be due to a variety of issues from ill-fitting doors to simple wear and tear. These are a cost effective answer to an entire door replacement.

Dropped Doors

A very common complaint is the door is very hard to lock or it’s leaky, this typically stems from a barn door. This can be rectified quickly and simply with minimum fuss.

Double Glazing Failure

The most common problem we bump into with UPVC and picket windows is steamed up or failed double glazed units. This can be due to the seal breaking down allowing water to penetrate the unit making a build of condensation. We provide value effective and speedy answer by replacing the double glazed unit, leaving your window frame in place with minimum fuss and upheaval.

Window Hinges

Other common problems are leaky windows that normally stem from window hinge failure. This is a value effective and efficient repair which can stop the draught, retain lost heat and cut extraneous noise. We also match restrictor hinges and fireplace exit hinges to enhance security and safety

Window Locks

Window functionality like, not gap or closing properly, stems from a retardant with the window locking mechanism. This is a straight forward repair with minimum fuss or upheaval. Sliding Door Seal Replacement

Cost Effective

We provide cost-effective solutions for Sliding Door Seal Replacement. This enables us to deliver a service that’s far more favorable than commutation broken windows or doors with a new product. OUR AIM IS TO REPAIR so YOU DON’T need to REPLACE.

Great Service

We pride ourselves on client service, the majority of our business comes word of mouth, therefore, we should be doing one thing right? No job too huge or too little. WE DON’T HAVE vast OVERHEADS allowing us TO pass on OUR SAVINGS TO OUR CUSTOMERS.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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