Residential Electrician

These are some of the services provided by our licensed Dubai Electricians and Residential Electrician is a part of it:

Residential Electrician of Dubai Repairs:

1. Maintenance Work:Residential Electrician

Many homeowners often have problems of maintenance of their electricity, especially during power blackouts. They will also give you the best alternatives that will enable you to have a peaceful mind with your home’s electricity.

2. Electrical Remodeling:

We also offer a complete electrical remodeling of your home including full electrical re-wiring, new electrical panel installation, lighting, and fixtures etc…

3. Hazardous Wiring:

We also offer a free consultation and testing of the existing electrical wiring of your home and offer practical solutions on what you can do to protect your home. So, our Residential Electrician services are outstanding and our quotes are provided with the option to fit all budgets and payment plans. We will always make sure that you get the best services when in need of safe and secure electrical wiring installation for your home and family. 4. Some of the other residential electrical services that we also offer include power upgrade, electric panel maintenance and upgrade, backup, power solution, solar electric power, structured cabling wind power, security systems, new electrical services, fire alarms systems, cat5, custom wiring, explosion proof wiring, energy efficiency, farms & ranches, Asha earth ground testing and mobile home wiring. In conclusion, we would also be happy to have the chance to quote you on your home electrical installation needs. We are also proud to have served the Toronto homeowners with quality and affordable electrical services. So, please feels free to contact us for any residential electrician services or if you need a local Dubai Electrician.

Our Residential Electrical Services in Dubai include:

  • Upgrade panelResidential Electrician2
  • Increase power (like from 80 to 300 amp)
  • Installation lighting systems
  • Network wiring and voice networks
  • New construction
  • Temporary Power
  • Extra circuits
  • Lighting Design and Installation
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Security Cameras
  • New Outlets and Switches
  • Ceiling Fan & Lights
  • Tripping Breakers
  • Backup Power Source

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services