Grass Plantation

Grass Plantation Service by Dubai Repairs

As a homeowner in Dubai, keeping your lawn and garden well-maintained is important for both aesthetics and property value. However, in a hot climate with little rainfall, growing and sustaining healthy grass can be challenging. You need a grass plantation service with expertise in selecting drought-resistant, low-maintenance grass varieties suitable for Dubai’s weather. You also need a service committed to properly preparing the soil, planting the grass, and providing ongoing care to help your new lawn thrive.

Grass Plantation

Dubai Repairs offers a professional grass plantation service tailored to Dubai’s climate. Our experienced landscapers help homeowners like you choose the right type of grass based on how much maintenance you want to put into your lawn. We then prepare the soil, plant the grass, and continue to service your new lawn to ensure it grows in full and healthy. For a lush, worry-free lawn in Dubai, consider Dubai Repairs for your grass plantation and ongoing lawn care needs. Our customized, hands-on approach will make your outdoor space an oasis you can enjoy for years to come.

Why Choose Dubai Repairs for Grass Plantation?

Dubai Repairs is the leading grass plantation service provider in Dubai. We have over 10 years of experience helping residential and commercial clients establish lush, green lawns. Our team of experts will guide you through the process to ensure a healthy, thriving lawn for years to come.

Professional Assessment and Recommendations

Our specialists will evaluate your location and conditions to determine the ideal type of grass for your needs. We consider factors such as sun exposure, soil conditions, foot traffic, and maintenance requirements to provide customized recommendations based on your specific situation.

High-Quality Grass and Materials

We source premium grass seeds and use only the finest tools and materials in our work. Our grass options include Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, Buffalo grass, and Fescue grass. We will prepare the ground, add high-quality topsoil and fertilizer, and ensure proper drainage and irrigation are in place before laying new grass.

Ongoing Lawn Care Guidance

Achieving a perfect lawn requires ongoing maintenance. Our team will provide a customized care schedule to keep your new grass healthy and vibrant. We offer optional lawn mowing, aerating, fertilizing, and treatment services to make lawn care simple and hassle-free. With Dubai Repairs, you can transform your outdoor space into a lush, green oasis. Our professional, full-service approach will give you the lawn you’ve always wanted. Experience the difference with Dubai’s top grass plantation service.

Our Unique Grass Plantation Techniques and Processes

Our company, Dubai Repairs, provides high-quality grass plantation services using advanced techniques and processes to ensure healthy, sustainable lawns for our clients.

Advanced Soil Testing

We conduct extensive soil testing to determine the exact nutrients lacking and the pH balance needed for the type of grass our clients choose. We then enrich the soil with the necessary amendments to provide the optimal growing environment.

Grass Plantation

Superior Grass Selection

We offer a variety of drought-tolerant, low-maintenance grasses that are well-suited for Dubai’s climate. We recommend grass types based on our client’s specific needs and location. The grass is sourced from certified growers to ensure purity, quality, and hardiness.

Precision Planting

Our experienced technicians carefully prepare the soil and install the grass using the latest mechanized equipment to guarantee even spacing, proper depth, and healthy growth. The grass is planted at the ideal time of year for a rapid establishment based on the grass type.

Ongoing Maintenance

We provide weekly maintenance visits for the first month, followed by monthly visits to ensure the lawn is properly irrigated, fertilized, mowed, aerated, and treated for weeds or disease. Moreover, our customized maintenance plans keep the lawn looking lush and vibrant all year round.

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Service

Our Grass Plantation Service provides answers to frequently asked questions about our lawn installation and maintenance.

What types of grass do you offer?

We offer a variety of grass types to suit your needs, including Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, Buffalo grass, and Fescue grass. Bermuda and Zoysia grasses are ideal for hot, arid climates, while Buffalo and Fescue grasses thrive in temperate regions. Our experts can recommend the most suitable grass for your area’s climate and conditions.

How long does it take for new grass to become established?

The time required for newly planted grass to become fully established depends on several factors, including grass type, planting method (sod vs. seed), weather conditions, and maintenance. Typically, you can anticipate the following timeframes:

  • Sod: 3 to 6 weeks. Sod provides an instant lawn but requires more frequent watering as the roots take hold.
  • Seeding: 8 to 12 weeks. Grass seed requires the most time to germinate and become established but is more economical than sod. Proper watering and fertilization will speed up the establishment.
  • Plugs: 4 to 8 weeks. Grass plugs fall between sod and seed in both cost and establishment time. Plugs must be spaced for the grass to spread and fill in.

Grass Plantation

With the proper care and maintenance, your new lawn should be fully established and ready for normal mowing/watering schedules within 3 months. Feel free to reach out to Dubai Repairs if you have any additional inquiries!


With green spaces becoming increasingly scarce in urban areas, the grass plantation services offered by Dubai Repairs provide an oasis of natural relief. As you enjoy your newly verdant lawn, you’ll appreciate how skilled landscapers transformed your outdoor space. Moreover, our expertise in selecting grass types well-suited for Dubai’s climate and in properly preparing, fertilizing, and maintaining the soil helps ensure you’ll have a lush, thriving lawn for years to come. For a greener, more vibrant outdoor space in the middle of the bustling city, trust the experienced team at Dubai Repairs to skillfully plant and cultivate a lawn you’ll love. Our grass plantation service allows you to bring a piece of nature into an otherwise concrete jungle.

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