Electric Baby Swing Repair

Electric Baby Swing Repair by Dubai Repairs

As a parent, watching your baby happily swinging back and forth can bring you immense joy. However, when that electric baby swing suddenly stops working, panic starts to set in. You rely on that swing to soothe your little one and give you a few precious moments of peace. So, Not knowing how to fix it yourself, you start searching online for “electric baby swing repair near me.” Luckily, you’ve found Dubai Repairs.

Electric Baby Swing Repair

With over 10 years of experience repairing all types of electric baby swings, Dubai Repairs is here to get your baby’s favorite seat back in motion. Their certified technicians are experts in diagnosing any issue, whether it’s a broken motor, damaged swing arm, or faulty wiring. They only use high-quality, baby-safe parts to ensure full functionality and safety. Before you know it, Dubai Repairs will have your electric baby swing running as smoothly as the day you bought it.

Electric Baby Swing Repair Services Offered in Dubai

As a professional electric baby swing repair service in Dubai, Dubai Repairs offers comprehensive solutions to get your baby’s swing functioning properly again. Moreover, our certified technicians have extensive experience repairing all major brands and models of electric baby swings.

We provide the following electric baby swing repair services:

  • Motor replacement: If the swing motor has malfunctioned or stopped working completely, our technicians can replace it to get the swing moving again. We carry replacement motors for all major swing brands.
  • Control board replacement: The control board is responsible for controlling the swing’s speed, music, and other electronic functions. So, If it becomes damaged or non-functional, we can replace the control board to restore full functionality.
  • Re-programming: Sometimes an electric baby swing just needs to be re-programmed to work properly after a power outage or due to a software glitch. Our technicians can re-program the swing to factory settings to correct any programming issues.
  • Battery replacement: For battery-powered swings, we offer the replacement of alkaline or rechargeable batteries. We will test your swing to determine if new batteries are needed and install a fresh set of batteries to restore operation.
  • Structural repairs: If there are any issues with the swing frame, seat, or other physical parts of the swing, our technicians can inspect the damage and perform necessary repairs to ensure it is sturdy, secure, and safe for your baby.
  • Safety testing: Once any necessary repairs or replacements have been made, we thoroughly test the swing to ensure all features are working properly and safely before returning it to you.

Why Choose Dubai Repairs for Electric Baby Swing Repair?

Dubai Repairs is the most qualified company to repair your electric baby swing in Dubai for several reasons:

  • Experienced Technicians. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in repairing all major brands and models of electric baby swings. They will carefully inspect your swing to diagnose any issues and make necessary repairs to get it functioning properly again.
  • Use of High-Quality Parts. We only use manufacturer-approved replacement parts to ensure optimal and long-lasting performance. Generic or substandard parts can be unsafe and shorten the lifespan of your swing.
  • Affordable Pricing. While we provide premium repair services, our prices are very affordable and competitive. We believe that quality repair work should be accessible to all customers.
  • Convenient Mobile Service. For your convenience, our technicians can repair your electric baby swing on-site at your home or office in Dubai. We have a mobile workshop to facilitate repairs at any location within our service area.
  • 100% Safety Check. As the well-being of your baby is our top priority, we will perform a comprehensive safety check of your electric baby swing after completing any repairs to ensure it is fully functional and safe for continued use before reuniting it with your little one.

Electric Baby Swing Repair


How long will the repair take?

The time required to repair your electric baby swing will depend on the specific issue and the parts needed. Our skilled technicians will carefully diagnose the problem and provide an estimate of the expected repair time. Moreover, we aim to complete all repairs as quickly as possible to minimize downtime and get your baby swing functioning properly again.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes, Dubai Repairs provides complimentary pickup and delivery for all electric baby swing repair services within Dubai. We will dispatch a technician to pick up your non-functioning baby swing and return it to our workshop for repair. Once repaired, we will deliver the swing back to your location and test it to ensure it is in perfect working condition before handing it over. So, This convenient service eliminates the hassle of transporting a broken baby swing to and from our workshop.


As a new parent, ensuring the safety and comfort of your little one is a top priority. By trusting Dubai Repairs to service and repair your electric baby swing, you can have peace of mind that the equipment is functioning properly and securely. Moreover, Dubai Repairs certified technicians have the expertise and experience to diagnose any issues and perform necessary repairs to get your baby swing running smoothly again.

Electric Baby Swing Repair

For your baby’s well-being and your own sanity, contact Dubai Repairs today to schedule an appointment to have your electric baby swing assessed and repaired. Your baby’s comfort and security are worth the investment.

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