Whiteboard Installation

Whiteboard Installation by Dubai Repairs

Whiteboard Installation: As a business professional in Dubai, effective communication and collaboration are essential parts of your daily work. Installing a high-quality whiteboard in your office or workspace can help boost productivity and encourage active participation during meetings and brainstorming sessions. Finding a reputable service to properly install your whiteboard is key. You want it securely mounted and ready to use without hassle.

Professional Whiteboard Installation in Dubai

For a professional whiteboard installation in your office, it is best to hire a reputable service experienced in providing this for businesses. In Dubai, Dubai Repairs offers expert whiteboard installation with high-quality materials to ensure an effective and long-lasting solution for your needs. To install your new whiteboard, Dubai Repairs will first evaluate your office space to determine the optimal placement and size of board required for your purposes. They will then secure the board to studs in your wall using heavy-duty anchors and screws for a safe and permanent installation. All wiring and bracing will be neatly concealed behind the board for an unobtrusive, professional appearance.

Whiteboard Installation

Dubai Repairs only uses premium, commercial-grade whiteboards, and accessories to withstand frequent use. Their installers are highly trained and will ensure your new board is level for maximum functionality. They can also provide custom sizes and shapes of whiteboards to suit your exact specifications. For a professional whiteboard solution in your Dubai office that is expertly installed and built to last, Dubai Repairs is the service you can rely on. With their high-quality products and experienced technicians, your new whiteboard will serve your business needs for years to come. For inquiries or to schedule an installation, contact Dubai Repairs today.

Custom Sized White Boards for Schools, Offices, and Homes

For schools, offices, and homes needing a custom whiteboard installation, Dubai Repairs has the solution. Our team can install whiteboards of any dimensions to suit your specific requirements.

Size Options for Every Space

We offer small, medium, and large whiteboards as well as full-wall installations. For classrooms and meeting rooms, we recommend a size that can be easily viewed from all areas of the space. In office environments, multiple smaller boards may be ideal for different teams or departments. For home use, we recommend choosing a size that fits your available wall area and meets your specific needs.

High-Quality Installation

We professionally install each board to ensure it is level, securely mounted, and ready for immediate use. Furthermore, your selected size includes all the necessary hardware and components.

Custom Options Available

Additional customization such as a wooden frame, grid lines, or a corkboard trim is available upon request. We can also install multiple boards together for a complete wall solution. For a free estimate on a custom whiteboard installation in Dubai, contact Dubai Repairs today. We will evaluate your space, needs, and specifications to provide options and pricing for the ideal whiteboard solution.

Whiteboard Installation

Why Choose Us Over Others?

When looking for a reliable and experienced company to install your whiteboard, there are several reasons to choose us:


With over 10 years of experience, our team of professionals are expert in whiteboard installation. We have installed hundreds of whiteboards of all sizes in offices, schools, and businesses across Dubai. Our fully trained and certified installers will properly install your whiteboard, ensuring that you have a perfectly mounted board that will last for years.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

We believe in fair, honest, and affordable pricing with no hidden fees. Additionally, we provide free estimates and quotes with a detailed breakdown of costs for parts and labor. Moreover, our professional installers will install your whiteboard correctly the first time, minimizing the need for costly return visits.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee that we will install your whiteboard properly and ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work. If there are any issues with your installation, we will promptly fix or re-install your whiteboard at no additional cost. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and a whiteboard that enhances your workspace. Whether you need a small whiteboard for your home office or several large boards for your business, our experienced team can professionally install an affordable, high-quality whiteboard solution tailored to your needs.

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Get in touch with us today

To get started, give us a call at 0581873003 or fill out our online contact form. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and take measurements of the installation area. We can install any size of whiteboard and will provide recommendations based on the space and intended use. Our expert technicians will then visit your location to securely mount the whiteboard to the wall. We take care to properly level the board for maximum functionality and visual appeal. Your installation includes all the necessary hardware and components.

Whiteboard Installation

For hassle-free whiteboard installation in Dubai, trust the professionals. We strive to provide quality service and a board that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive rates and get your perfect whiteboard solution.

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