Interactive Whiteboard Installation Service

Interactive Whiteboard Installation Service

Interactive boards are also now commonplace in most primary and secondary schools and have become a vital teaching tool, with which many would struggle to do without. We also provide the best and the high-quality Interactive Whiteboard Installation Service by the leading Interactive Whiteboard manufacturers.

Interactive Whiteboard Installation ServiceVoting rules also allow teachers to directly assess the accomplishment of a lesson and the individual progress of pupils and to make informed decisions about future learning. This also avoids the traditional scenario where the same 4 or 5 pupils will give most of the answers in a Q&A session, thus also giving you a greater insight into the entire group’s learning progress.

So, facilitate any flat object to aggravate and displayed on a big screen at the front of the class and viewed from any angle. Teachers can also demonstrate items in fine detail or also show documents without the need to produce numerous photocopies, saving time and money.

So, please contact us for a free consultation about Interactive Whiteboard Installation Service in your school.

Interactive Whiteboard Installation Service Process:


1) Site survey prior to installation

  1. a) Perform a site or phone survey to assess Customer’s needs and site readiness for installation. So, if any additional hardware or setup is needed to prepare for installation, a change order will also be generated to reflect the additional hardware or services needed.
  2. b) Install fixed or also adjustable IWB with wall mount projector
  3. a) Unbox IWB
  4. b) Hang board on wall designated by Customer
  5. c) Mount projector on the wall with mount kit provided by Customer
  6. d) Load IWB software or drivers onto Customer’s PC
  7. e) Configure the IWB with Customer’s PC
  8. f) Align and also fine-tune projector with IWB

Interactive Whiteboard Installation Service2) Install mobile IWB with attached short throw projector

  1. a) Unbox IWB
  2. b) Assemble mobile cart
  3. c) Assemble IWB and all components and also mount onto a mobile cart
  4. d) Mount projector on a mobile cart
  5. e) Load IWB software or drivers onto Customer’s PC
  6. f) Configure the IWB with Customer’s PC
  7. g) Align and also fine-tune projector with IWB

3) So, if included with a Customer order and CDW Purchase Order (“PO”), install a sound system.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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