Lawn Care Service Dubai

Lawn Care Service Dubai

Lawn Care Service DubaiHaving a green garden is a mark of dignity for many homeowners. A beautiful, lush and natural looking lawn becomes a big part of how they come to define the Home. We provide exceptional service in setting up a new lawn and its care and maintenance to residential and commercial properties in UAE. Whether it’s an office, home, villa, home, a private home or residential areas we can make it beautiful with lawns, garden, and landscapes.

We are Providing Lawn Care Service Dubai. We offer quality lawn care, garden and landscaping services for all types of properties, including Retails, Malls, Shopping Centers, Apartment Complex, Homeowners, Construction Sites, and Associations.

Lawn Care Service Dubai by Dubai Repairs

Dubai Repairs Providing Lawn care Service Dubai. Dubai Repairs unique in this industry, and honorably if we could ever serve you. We will be there for any queries and services regarding setting up new lawn, garden, and landscaping anywhere in Dubai.

Every project requires a good foundation. The base for a good lawn is the soil in which it Cultivates. if you have any kind of soil issues if yes then you will face some lawn issues too. By knowing the soil you must know your soil and what you need to add to it. A natural lawn gets most of its water and nutrients from the soil it’s growing in, so the quality of your soil determines the quality of your lawn. Steep slopes, deep shade, rocky areas and walking paths are simply not good places for growing and maintaining a green lawn. Consider planting these difficult areas with perennials, ground covers, spreading evergreen, low growing shrubs or wildflowers.

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What type of grass you have in your yard depends on your location. Make sure you select a grass that flourishes in your geographic area. Most grasses require at least four hours of sunlight every day, and fresh water, these are the needs of fresh rich green looking grass lawn. If you have an area that doesn’t receive that much sun, try to find the grass that works well in the shade. Some varieties of grass are more tolerant of foot traffic than others. If your lawn sees a lot of traffic, choose a grass that doesn’t mind some abuse.

Things that remember while mowing

1Lawn Care Service Dubai. Mow frequently

2. Keep the clipping short

3. Leave clipping on the ground

4. Use the well-sharpened blades.

5. Do not cut the grass short.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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