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Regardless of the quality of any watch, there’ll undoubtedly return a time once your watch needs a Watch Repair Dubai Service of some nature. With any quartz watch for example, at it is slow you’ll need a battery replacement while with a mechanical watch, regular servicing is important so as to maintain accurate timekeeping.

When your Watch’s battery has to be replaced, it’s quite doable that your water-resistant watch will require its seals replaced. If water resistance is needed, a post-battery installation test is required so as to guarantee the watch is water-tight to its original depth. while not this, your watch may possibly leak once subjected to water. If water will enter your watch it will cause irreparable harm to the movement.

Watch Repair Dubai


Watch Repair Dubai Service by Dubai Repairs

As with any other electronic or mechanical apparatus, it’s additionally doable that one day a part of your watch will wear out. like a light bulb, some electronic part of your quartz movement will one day stop working with no apparent cause. Mechanical watch parts will wear out even as they can on a car and will need replacement so as to work correctly again.

In this instance, a movement service is needed. in the event that a movement service isn’t cost-effective, a movement replacement is often cheaper. A movement replacement is because it sounds – the entire watch movement is replaced with a fresh movement and battery. because of the enormous amount of work involved in a quality movement service carried out by a competent technician, a service is frequently a lot of costly than a movement replacement. but this will depend on the watch, and occasionally the first movements are no longer available from the manufacturer, therefore, service becomes the sole option.

Watch Repair Dubai


Besides the activity performance of your watch and due to the multi-functional nature of the many watches, now and again a different movement function could develop a defect. Again, in this instance, a movement replacement is frequently required.

In addition to these styles of repairs, many half repairs are typically necessary. Straps need to be replaced, bracelets repaired, clasps repaired, buttons/crown and stem replacements and broken or damaged watch glasses might have to replace. within the case of a watch glass or crown and stem replacement, it’s also necessary once again to consider a water resistance test as these elements are integral to the case and normally use some quiet seal.

Expert Watch Repair Dubai Service

It is additionally necessary to determine where to have your watch repaired. We can, of course, do the vast majority of repairs, but many native watch repairers are terribly competent. Any fixer with a Watch Repair Dubai Service will order real Watch elements if required and the more experienced native watch fixer may also do repairs that will not value effective to come back. It may also be cheaper and normally heaps quicker to have your watch repaired locally. simply certify you employ a well-known and established repairer with a good name. try also to ensure that your repairer may be a permanent fixture in your city and not likely to disappear.

Many experienced native watch repairers can guarantee their work that, of course, is just beneficial if the store hasn’t ceased to trade. ensure that good quality, a branded battery is used wherever necessary as poor quality or incorrect batteries can last for only a fraction of the time an honest quality battery can last and worse still, will leak and the acid contained will damage your movement. Again, a quality watch fixer can normally guarantee the battery for a minimum of a year.

Watch Repair Dubai


Dubai Repairs have stores based in Dubai and can do quality repairs to your watch. real Watch parts are often ordered if needed including real straps and bracelets. Water resistance testing may also be carried out and guaranteed. several repairs to watches are often carried out during the day in the branch.

Watch Repair DubaiBattery Replacement

The most common watch repair is the replacement of a watch battery. this will be a simple procedure or surprisingly advanced.  The replacement of A battery on a more expensive timepiece or water-resistant watch could necessitate replacing gaskets, resealing the watch so performing a pressure take a look at – all steps to ensure the watch’s integrity.


Watch Repair DubaiWatchbands & Straps

Replacing your watchband is usually a necessity, but always a good plan for maintaining the look and feel of a new watch.  Watchbands are available in all kinds of materials, colors, and sizes. they’ll be resistant to water and the buckle can be changed or updated. raise any staff member to see the wide selection of options available.


Watch Repair DubaiWatch Pin Replacement

When your watch pin becomes loose, the bracelet will begin to separate. While this is clearly a problem on its own, a loose watchband will eventually mean a lost watch. And once one pin is loose, frequently other pins as loose still.

At Dubai Repairs, we will replace and repair individual pins or entire bracelets.


Watch Repair DubaiWatch Crystal Replacement

Scratched or scuffed crystal? perhaps you’ll still tell time however your measuring instrument simply doesn’t look like it once did. we will fix that.

Replacing a crystal is a delicate process that needs special equipment and experience. whether your crystal is formed of glass, sapphire, mineral, plexiglass, or acrylic Dubai Repairs will handle the repairs or replacement.


Watch Repair Dubai

Watch Movement Repair or Replacement

Sometimes your watch simply stops operating. The hands stop moving and you’re left with the wonder of a quality timepiece but none of the function. Whether your watch’s hands are mechanical or quartz our expert watchmaker will handle the delicate process of replacing the hands.



Watch Repair DubaiWatch Cleaning and Maintenance

Why wait for a problem? Our watchmaker can give your watch a tune-up to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. We can also give your timepiece a thorough cleaning to make sure your watch is looking great all year round.



Watch Repair DubaiGasket Repair or Replacement

Every watch has several gaskets that may need repair. These gaskets are found all over your watch: a crystal gasket, bezel gasket, and crown gasket are just a few of them. They protect your watch from outside debris and protect your watch’s mechanical and electrical components from being damaged.

By bringing your watch in for regular maintenance, our experts can make sure all gaskets are fully functional and protecting your watch.

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Wide Range of Services