Watch Glass Replacement

Watch Glass ReplacementOur service center has comprehensive experience in broken or scratched watch glass replacement. Some watches have glass that is completely flat on the front face and simple in shapes such as round or square. These are the cheapest to replace. Some have rounded glass to give the watch hands clearance to move below, and some are Sapphire crystals with a dome shape that are often the most difficult.

Watch Glass Replacement by Dubai Repairs:

Depending on the brand of the watch, Dubai Repairs can provide original parts for Watch Glass Replacement, or manufacture the accurate shape from a blank. Some intricate shapes will be handcrafted to fit the watch and will take a little longer to achieve.


It is sometimes optional as to whether you would like the movement serviced at the same time or not. We will have to assess the watch once we can physically see it, in order to determine if the watch movement will work properly. Watch Glass ReplacementThere may also be damage to the dial and hands if the watch had a severe impact. We can also restore the dial to as close to the original design as possible. Dubai Repairs can also re-plate the hands if necessary. We aim to keep the watch with its original water resistance. If we receive the watch with a cracked or broken glass, we can’t test the watch in our pressure tester before work commences, we can only do this after replacing the glass. Testing after completing the work may identify that other parts of the watch are defective and need further work. Please indicate at the time of the quote if the water resistance is an important feature of the watch you. This may alter the procedures we follow to fit the glass, and hence a different quotation price.

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Wide Range of Services