UPVC Door Lock Replacement

UPVC Door Lock Replacement

The uPVC doors usually have simple locks and these locks are operated with its keys. The uPVC door locks also have its importance once the house owner wants the high-security system in the house. These doors are widely used in commercial areas as well as offices. That is why the uPVC door can be found anywhere. The security of the door is also very necessary as well as the door. the uPVC door locks can be of any type and size depending on the requirement of the customers and need of the door. UPVC Door lock Replacement is offered by Dubai Repairs with our expert Technicians.

UPVC door lock replacement by Dubai Repairs:

UPVC Door Lock ReplacementThe professionals of Dubai Repairs provide complete services for the uPVC door lock replacement at your doorsteps so that you can lead a carefree life. We always make sure that all your doors and locks are properly working and in the case of broken or damaged locks, we immediately replace it with the new one. We have a professional handyman who is an expert in dealing all the problems of uPVC doors and its locks for your better security and safety.

Types of uPVC door locks replaced by Dubai Repairs:

1. Yale lock:

These locks have just one hole and it comes without anything else to lock and unlock the door. These are commonly used with handles separately installed.

2. Sash lock:

These locks have the whole locking mechanism with handle and locks.

3. Deadlock:

It is one of the oldest types of locks, it has a hole for lock in which the key is an insert for locking and unlocking.

4. Euro lock:

These locks are more advanced locks and it also works alone for locking and unlocking the door.

UPVC Door Lock Replacement5. Scandinavian lock:

This lock is different from other locks, in this lock, the locking system is above the handle but both work together for locking and unlocking the door.

6. uPVC mechanism:

These locks are the most suitable type for the uPVC doors and materials.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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