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The door seals are used to secure the structure of the door, sides, and the door as well. The door seals are made from rubber so that door sides are remaining flexible. So, the door seals are of different types, all used for the same purpose. The door seals are used for closing the door properly, as well as keeping the cool air inside by insulating the sides of the door with rubber door seals. This prevents the cool air getting out of the room from the door sides and lowering the room temperature. The leaking cool air not only responsible for lowering the room temperature but also increases the electricity bills. If door seal gets damage then you should call Dubai Repairs for Door Seal Replacement service

Door seal replacement by Dubai Repairs:

Dubai Repairs is leading company of Dubai in providing multiple services for house maintenance which also includes doorDoor seal replacement seal replacement. The door seals are of different types but usually serves the same purpose of insulating the door sides. Our handyman and carpenters are expert in replacing the door seals anywhere in the house. The old door seals many to be broken, torn or damage. That is why they can make trouble for opening and closing the door. The new door seal helps in protecting the door and its sides.

Types of door seal replacement by Dubai Repairs:

1. Regular rubber door seals:

These regular door seals are used to cover the sides of the door and help in insulating all the sides of the door. The rubber door seals are used so that the seal can easily fix on the door sides.

2. Brush rubber door seal:

These door seals are used with the small brush type material on the end which is fixed to the bottom of the door which helps in keeping his dirt and other particles from entering the house through the door.

This brush helps in removing the dirt from the doormat or door space.

3. Extended door seals:Door seal replacement2

These door seals are made from the material extended from the door seal. These seals are used when there is a gap between the door frame and door size. This helps in isolating the air and noise inside the door. These seals are usually used to secure the door and house protecting it from robbery as well.

4. Carpet cover door seal:

These seals are used for the carpeted areas, rooms, and house. It helps the door to seal to protect the carpet fabric from door wood and material. Our professional carpenters are expert in installing all types of carpet cover door seals.

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Wide Range of Services

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