Clock Glass Replacement

Clock Glass Replacement

Clock Glass Replacement

Clock Glass Replacement: If your clock glass has been broken, scratched, or damaged, it can become unsightly. Dubai Repairs will fix or replace crystal glass for all watch brands. It’s a cost-effective way to make your watch glass look as good as new again. Dubai Repairs in-house repair center has vast experience in the replacement of broken or damaged glass clocks. We substitute mineral and sapphire crystals with clocks from the bottom to the top end of Raymond Weil, Tag, Omega, etc. Crystals may be substituted in a number of forms. Some glass clocks are perfectly smooth across the front and in a basic shape, such as round or square.

Clock Glass Replacement

They are the cheapest to substitute. Some have curved glass to allow the watch hands clearance to travel under, and others are Sapphire crystals with a dome shape that are often the most difficult. We have built a professional glass replacement clock, we can fully replace it at a relatively small cost compared to other jewelers.

Additional Work We Do At Dubai Repairs Clock Glass Replacement:

  • Custom crystals and engravings
  • Restoration & Overhaul of Antique Timepiece
  • Free Diagnostic & Battery Checking
  • Replacement of the crystal
  • Watch/Check Stem Replacement
  • And more than that! If you need either of these facilities, please give your clock to us. In our Dubai-based, Swiss-grade facility, we provide repair and replacement services.


If the clock glass has been shattered, there is a risk that pieces of glass could have penetrated the clock’s movement. It is also best to serve the movement at the same time as cleaning out the bottle. We’re going to have to test the clock until we can physically see it to decide whether the clock movement is going to function properly. We can also recreate the dial as close to the original version as possible. Parts of the dial, such as batons or numbers, may be either polished or fully re-painted depending on the customer’s requirements.

Clock Glass Replacement

If we receive a clock with cracked or broken glass, testing after completion of the work may identify that the other sections of the clock are faulty and require further work. As it needs the best glass replacement, high precision, cutting, and binding equipment. At Dubai Repairs Clock Glass Replacement, we provide you with the necessary equipment and specialists to fix it for you. So, please stop the DIY jobs and bring them to us. Once it’s in our workshop and you mention your clock repair needs, we’ll take you through the entire process. Our customers trust us and we’re proud of that.

Replacing Clock Glass Affordably

Centered in Dubai, we are watch and clock enthusiasts and jewelry professionals who are interested in all facets of the watch and jewelry industry from production, design, packaging, and retail. We’re trying to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your experience of working with us if you feel that way, please let us know. Clock glass replacements come in a range of shapes and sizes sometimes we find outdated or rare shapes usually from antique pocket watches or vintage watches. Here’s where we can help you measure and source the right glass watch for your precious clock from our many suppliers. With our free estimate policy at very fair rates.

Contact us today

If you are in need of clock glass replacement or any other repair services mentioned above, we encourage you to reach out to us at Dubai Repairs. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing high-quality repairs for all watch brands, including the replacement of broken or damaged clock glass. To get started with your clock glass replacement or any other repair services, please contact us today at 0581873003 or visit our Dubai-based repair center. We look forward to assisting you and restoring your clock to its former glory.

Clock Glass Replacement

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