Automatic Wrist Watch Repair

Automatic Wrist Watch Repair

Looking for the most affordable and safe place to fix wrist watch services in Dubai? At Dubai Repairs automatic wrist watch repair, we provide on-site repair facilities, refining cases, watch repair work, and repair of all mechanical watches. Our watch repair specialist has years of experience and all our customers are assured of excellent after-sales services. We include a range of watch repair services, ranging from changing batteries, repairing crystal and crowns, restoring watch hands, polishing scratched outer case, and many other services. Automatic Wrist Watch Repair

Automatic Wrist Watch Repair Service Include:

  1. Disassembly of the whole watch and movement. We then take a careful look at every watch part.
  2. Inclusive cleaning and replacement of quality batteries.
  3. The repairing of the movement, the tuning of the timing system and the oiling of the jewels.
  4. Inclusive cleaning of the timepiece. And we polish and refine the bracelet and case so that the owner doesn’t instruct otherwise.
  5. Regulate watches, particularly automatic watches that are moving too fast or too slow
Dubai Repairs Automatic wrist watch repair is proud to be the leading watch service center dedicated to watch services and refurbishment work for watch owners, retailers and watch manufacturers who seek trustworthy and reliable watch service professionals with both honesty and competence.

Experts Technician in Automatic Wrist Watch Repair Service

Our in-house qualified technicians have over 20 years of skilled watch service experience working for existing Watch companies: Rolex, Swatch Group and Independent Swiss Brands, and are certified and fully equipped with the skills and capabilities of service and restoration of major Swiss watch brands (quartz, mechanical, manual, chronograph, digital, complications, etc). At Dubai Repairs, customer-centric service experience has always been our mission, and we are proud of our fair value pricing and top-notch customer service that brings us above and beyond other service centers in a region. We are confident that you will enjoy our service and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Experienced Craftsmen Following a Tradition of Excellence.

Automatic Wrist Watch Repairs Dubai began with a simple concept. Is it possible to modernize a conventional industry? We realized that the watch repair company was immune to change. But we’ve set out to change the way people get their watches serviced anyway. Automatic Wrist Watch Repair Today, we are proud to provide highly trained repair and restoration services to all watch models and manufacturers. We combine our state-of-the-art online platform with time-tested technicians to provide a repair experience like no other. We have direct access to every major watchmaker and component supplier. The automatic wristwatch is one that winds the mainspring (power source) from the daily activity of one who wears it. This occurs through the kinetic energy of the oscillating weight, which is connected to a small gear train, which in turn winds the mainspring. Watch repair/service of mechanical watches is highly recommended every 5 years. Delaying  of automatic wristwatch repair. And service intervals can also lead to problems, causing unnecessary wear. The more often you serve a watch, the faster it will work and the longer it will last.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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