Parquet Flooring Service in Dubai

Parquet flooring service in Dubai is the designed wooden flooring, adding textures, styles, and dimensions to simple Parquet flooring service in Dubai. It gives you more than a wooden flooring, it has many designs, textures, and style to choose from. The Parquet flooring service in Dubai is available in different woods such as oak, maple, ash, elm, walnut, and beech. Different colors of wood are also available for better selection of interior design. It gives a top quality look to the room and modern yet rustic touch.

Parquet Flooring Service in Dubai:

Parquet flooring service in Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides the biggest range of Parquet flooring service in Dubai and solutions related to your problems in Dubai. If you want cost-effective flooring solution with beautiful designs we have it all. The prices and services provided by Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC are unbeatable. Our craftsmen are professional in their work and have expertise in Parquet flooring service in Dubai.

Types of Parquet Flooring Service in Dubai:

Parquet flooring service in Dubai

The services and product used in every project may differ that is why different charges may apply. The prices of the additional services may apply. Types of Parquet flooring service in Dubai provided by Al-Suroor:

Parquet flooring planks:

Traditional looking wooden planks are the most common type of Parquet flooring. These are made from the wood like maple, oak or walnut. These planks give a traditional wooden flooring. They are very reasonable and versatile.

Parquet flooring strips:

In this type, the Parquet flooring is cut into stripes to give no of options and design by fixing it in the different pattern. These stripes give a historical Parquet flooring touch.

Parquet flooring classic:

These are available in different lengths and widths.

Parquet flooring square:

These Parquet floorings are available in square shapes for modern designs.

We are covering a greater area of Dubai including:

How to install:

Our professionals will complete the following tasks to transform the room and Parquet flooring service in Dubai:

1. They will remove the old flooring and prepare the subfloor for the installation
2. Make a layout of the new flooring.
3. They will seal the entry and vents to prevent the dust and dirt from disturbing the process.
4. They will clean the project area.
5. They will dispose of the project waste
6. They will ask you to visit the floor to see the transformation and satisfy you with their service.
7. They will give you tips to maintain the floor
8. They will give you warranty of the work

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