Interior Painting

Interior painting is the beauty of the house. So, It is also important that how your house painted internally because, for the best interior painting, you also need an expert painter of Dubai Repairs.

Interior Painting by Dubai Repairs:

Dubai Repairs Professional painters always follow the proper steps of interior painting. These steps are

1) Set-up

  • We also guarantee that there will be no drops of paint on furniture

2) Preparation

  • So, this is the most important job in your painting project. We also take it very seriously. This differentiates our pro painting company from the competition. Interior PaintingPrep is what makes the finished job look professional.

  • 3) First Coat of Paint
  • So, depending on the previous color and many other variables, a first coat might not be enough.

4) Second Coat of Paint

  • All painting jobs usually require two coats of paint as one coat is not enough 95% of the time.

  • The second coat of paint covers all missed areas from the first coat. This coat results in the finished product; a professionally done job!

5) Inspection (Making it PRO!)Interior Painting2

  • At the end of every job, the crew leader will inspect the entire painted area to ensure professionalism.

6) Clean

  • All moved furniture is removed back to its original location

  • All tools are packed and cleaned up.


Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services