TV Mounting Service in Dubai

The secret of doing a correct TV Mounting Service in Dubai lies in choosing the correct brackets whereas also taking into consideration the screen’s size and also the material of your wall. If all of this feels like too much trouble, let the Dubai Repairs Dubai professionals install your tv safely and firmly. Save yourself the traumatic expertise of seeing your TV hit the floor. Here’s what you’ll expect:

We can assist you to install LED/LCD/plasma screen, HDTV, good TV Setups, 3D tv, and tv entertainment units;

Each handyman is insured and may bring all necessary tools for the work

The TV mount brackets are going to be safely fitted at your chosen height and placement;

The experts will install a cable trunking system to cover all cables away from reading.

TV Mounting Service in Dubai

TV Mounting Service in Dubai by Dubai Repairs

Our TV installers in Dubai can make sure you may receive a theatre-like experience in your lounge. The technicians can examine the wall and assist you in finding the safest location for your TV. They will investigate the fabric of the wall and notice studs to secure the tv.

Before TV Mounting Service in Dubai, our skilled installers can consider the scale of the TV and the viewing distance from the sitting purpose. Do not risk coming back home to a broken screen, address the professionals!

We will do TV Mounting Service in Dubai to any type of wall

Whether the wall is ready to hold the screen’s weight depends on the fabric from that is formed of. Usually, your handyman can have no trouble putting in any show model on a brick or concrete wall. However, wall mounting a TV on the less durable wallboard, tile, or lathe variants presents several challenges and also the skilled might need to suit your device to a sturdier structural element (i.e. timber) behind the wall.

How much time can the TV Mounting Service in Dubai take?

The bigger the screen, the longer it might typically take the specialist to urge the task done. for instance, it always takes 30 minutes to suit a 20″ TV screen and concerning an hour to mount a 42″ one. However, the overall length of your TV wall mount installation also will rely on the type of wall you have, similarly as on the sort of brackets used.

What ought to I do before my TV wall mounting appointment?

We would kindly raise you to assure if the brackets you’ve bought are appropriate for your TV model. If you’re not sure whether the brackets you own are those you would like, the Dubai specialist will fain provide his assistance. Simply choose a spot in your space with a suitable electrical outlet near and the skilled handyman can promptly take care of the remainder.

TV Mounting Service in Dubai



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Wide Range of Services

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