Wood Furniture Repair Dubai 11

Wood Furniture Repair Dubai


Wood is the best product when it comes to making furniture. It makes durable, stylish and beautiful furniture. 

Wood Furniture Repair Dubai:

Wood Furniture Repair Dubai

Dubai Repairs Wood Furniture Repair Dubai services are there to help you out in the most convenient way.

Types of Wood Furniture Repair Dubai:

Wood Furniture Repair Dubai

Wood Furniture Repair Dubai can be categorized as:

Repairing the antique furniture pieces.

Antique furniture needs to be handled with care and its repair needs an expert to do the job properly.

Repairing broken furniture:

Fixing the broken furniture need a different type of crafts than any other; it needs to be experienced carpenter skills to fix the broken piece of wooden furniture.

Coloring and polishing of furniture:

Coloring and polishing are done by step by step process to achieve the professional look.

Filling, touch-ups of wooden furniture:

Sometimes only a few touch-ups are needed to stand out the wooden furniture.

About Work:

Sometimes just a few touch.Are needed to stand out the Wood Furniture Repair Dubai.

  • Removing of the polish or finish is the next step. It helps the furniture to work easily with the chemicals applied to it.
  • Wood is then prepared by sanding it with sandpaper. It helps the furniture to get a uniform smoothness.
  • Filling up the grains are the next step, some woods do not need grain filling as its grains are tight but others such as oak needs a grain filling to achieve an even and smooth surface.
  • Applying sand sealing is done to prime the wood.
  • Staining is the next step, customers can choose the type of stain to be used such as oil-based stains, and water-based stains, gel stains. They can also choose the color they want to apply to match the interior and give it a woodier look.
  • One the selection is done the stain is applied to the piece of furniture.
  • At last, after the satin is all dried up finish or polish is applied to give it a beautiful shine it also prevents termites and another fungus to damage the furniture.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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11 thoughts on “Wood Furniture Repair Dubai

  • Tomoko Miura

    Hi, I’m looking for a carpenter who can see if this furniture can be fixed or not.
    I will send the pic to you if you answer me,

    So, please kindly reply me with your personal email address.


  • Kristina Shotton

    Good morning,

    I have a wooden sofa that need to be repaired , and a wooden lid has to be made for the sifts to sit on. The paint had to be removed, and then re/ painted white again.
    Please send me a quote please.

    Kristina Shotton

  • russell mcadam

    i have a large wood dining table which has some water damage during shipment would like to have it sanded and recoated will need to be done at house as very heavy

    could you give me a quote ?

  • Sarah Baerschmidt

    I have a large outdoor table and 10 chairs that need sanding and restoring … my sander is not managing the job very well and i think we need the experts ..

    Could you call me to come and review the furniture to be repaired for a quote ..


  • Celine


    I need a quotation for following jobs :
    -Repairing the antique furniture pieces : the foot of my antique secretary is broken.
    -Coloring and polishing of furniture: transformation of a bed and a secretary actually brown in white color.

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  • Sean Trezona

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I have damage to a dining table and mirror.

    It is a requirement of the insurance company that I receive a quote to repair the damage.

    Can you please provide?

    Kind regards,