Wood Cladding Installation Service

Wood Cladding Installation ServiceWood cladding is the process of applying the wood panels over the other material to make it like a skin and keeping the layers. This helps in making and control in the bottom and upper layers of the surface from eating, either, damages and making it waterproof in some cases. That is why many people ask for the wood cladding installation service at their homes, offices and other commercial places such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and many business and transportation sectors as well.

Wood Cladding Installation Service by Dubai Repairs:

There are many services provided by the professional carpenters of Dubai Repairs, the wood cladding is one of them. We offer a complete range of wood cladding installation service anywhere in Dubai. They can select the type of wood and its color as well as thickness and design. Our professionals can help them out in selecting the right product for the right design and use.

Steps of Wood Cladding Installation Service by Dubai Repairs:

1. Selection of the Wood Cladding:

  • Select the type of wood
  • Select the color and shade of the wood
  • The thickness and design of the wood panel
  • Select the design of the wood cladding
  • Selection of the installation process.

2. The Wood Cladding Layout and Design:

The layout is made once the design is selected and the layout is made on the type of design they have select. Once the layout is made on the paper it is copied on the wall or the place for the proper installation process.

Wood Cladding Installation Service3. The Installation of Wood Cladding:

In this step, the cutting of the wood is done and installation takes place on the wall or the place where the wood cladding needs to be installed.

4. The Polishing and Coloring of the Wood Cladding:

After that, the carpenter will check the right working of everything and leave.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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