Glass Door Rubber Seal Installation

Glass door rubber seal installation

The rubber seals are also widely used in the glass door rubber seal installation which helps in securing the glass door. The rubber seals comes in two major types:

1. Transparent rubber seals for glass doors.

2. Regular rubber seal for glass doors.

Glass door rubber seal installation by Dubai Repairs

The carpenters of Dubai Repairs are expert in installation of both types of rubber seals in glass door which helps in preventing the damages in glass door anywhere in Dubai for all type of glass doors.

Uses of glass door rubber seals installation:

1. It prevents glass from breaking:Glass door rubber seal installation1

The glass doors usually break more often than the regular doors of wood or metal because the glass is more sensitive than these materials. Once solid is hit on the sides of the glass door it tends to break more. That is why the transparent rubber seals are installed on the sides of the glass door which prevents it from breaking.

2. It helps in controlling jerks on the glass door:

Usually, a small jerk on the glass door can cause a lot of damage. That is why people using glass doors are always careful in opening and closing the glass door. The glass doors rubber seals help in controlling the jerks on the glass doors and prevents the damages.

3. It prevents the glass door from breaking when hit with the solid under the glass door:

Many times the solid item on the floor get hit by the glass door result in breaking it. The glass door once got hit by any solid cracks the glass door and breaks the door as well. The glass door breaking can be prevented by installing the rubber seals. It helps in preventing the glass door from breaking to some extent.

4. It helps the glass door insulation:Glass door rubber seal installation2

Usually, there are more gaps in the glass door from the door frame to prevent it from breaking. That is why there is more loss of cool air and air quality from the glass door. For insulating the glass door the rubber seals are used so that the control on cool air as well as electricity bill is maintained.

5. It protects the glass door sides:

The side of the glass door is also been secured by the glass door rubber seal installation in glass doors. It helps the glass door preventing from cracks, breaking and damaging.

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Wide Range of Services

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