Delsey Bag Repair Dubai

Delsey Bag Repair Dubai

While we specialize in Delsey Bag Repair Dubai, we are also qualified to handle all types of leather products, including handbags, leather jackets, and small leather goods. Dubai Repairs also offers shoe repair and full zipper replacement. We have a full-service shoe repair department on-site.

Delsey Bag Repair Dubai by Dubai Repairs

We are authorized warranty repair center for most major manufacturers, we are also authorized to handle airline damage claims. We can handle shipments via UPS and FedEx. If you are not local, please complete the form below and send it in along with your repair. Delsey Bag Repair Dubai From the simplest zipper repair to a full restoration of your favorite briefcase, you can have peace of mind in knowing Dubai Repairs will give you a quick and reliable repair service. Give us a call for a quote over the phone or you may ship your item to us for inspection. Please indicate in an enclosed letter your name, address, telephone number, and a brief list of the repairs you wish performed. We will give you a call with a quote at the soonest possible time. Most repairs are completed within two weeks, if repairs are under warranty they will cost you nothing to repair and return shipping is usually covered under the warranty.

Repair Parts Service

While we are not in the business of selling repair parts, we do understand that sometimes it is impossible to bring your bag in for repair due to time constraints or proximity to our repair center. If you can provide a digital picture of the part required, as well as all the pertinent information about the bag, email the above information to us and we’ll see what we can do

Why Choose Us?

Delsey Bag Repair DubaiEvery experienced traveler knows it: Even the finest luggage or business cases eventually become road-weary. Even if you didn’t buy your luggage from us, we can provide off-site repairs to add years more service. We will gladly try to find an authorized repair shop and take care of the paperwork. We do charge shipping based on the size of luggage. If your luggage is still under warranty, you won’t pay anything on repairs. If the repair shop decides that your luggage is not under warranty, you will get the call directly from the repair shop for your approval for any repair costs. So, if you decide not to repair at that point, you will get your old and tired luggage back. Please note that shipping is always not-refundable. It is possible for us to inform you right away if your luggage is worth shipping for repairs.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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