Shoe Repair Dubai

We specialize in all types of Shoe Repair Dubai including both men’s and ladies. We can carry out almost any job you can think of from the smallest piece of stitching right up to a full long sole and re-welt.  Any job – anytime! Most repairs are carried out on-site in our national network of shops.  Some more complicated and specialist repairs are sent to our central workshop where they are expertly repaired by specialist craftsmen.


Our workshop colleagues have over 100 years of experience, including winners of national Shoe Repair Dubai competitions.  So we have some of the best workings for us looking after our customers. In our workshops our experts can build a shoe from the ground up, from hand stitching on a new welt, replacing inboards then attaching the through soles, stitching them to the upper and finally adding the new heel tops before polishing and sending them back to the store and a happy customer. Shoe Repair DubaiYour favorite bag – no problem a new zip can be inserted and any stitching that has come away easily repaired.  Some of the more obscure jobs our workshop has dealt with are: clowns shoes, a sail, circus props, bowling shoes, Premier League players football boots.  The list is endless, and the answer is yes we will try anything if we can fit it into our machines.  SERVICES AVAILABLE FROM OUR CENTRAL WORKSHOP:
  • Heels Refitted or new
  • Zip replacement or repair
  • Re-welting of good year welted shoes
  • Replacement shanks
  • Inner socks
  • Leather upper repairs
  • Bag repairs
  • Boot alterations

Cost Benefits

During these hard economic times, an increasing number of individuals are searching for new ways to save money. Repairing your shoes rather than thrashing them away and buying a high-cost new pair is a great way to save your hard-earned cash. With new soles and renewed uppers, the shoes will become look like new, yet contain that broken-in, comfortable feel, it is possible to get more than 20 years of life out of best quality shoes that you select to repair. This makes it much less lavish for you to repair your shoes rather than thrashing out your old shoes and purchasing new ones.

Quality Shoes

Shoe Repair DubaiFootwear is not just a part of your wardrobe or shelf, it is a property. Spend your money wisely and the return will be more value for your dollar, more comfort, better foot health and even a sense that you are helping the environment. In Dubai Repairs, that mentor is your local shoe care expert. Shoe repair and shoe care make sense for several reasons. Shoe Repair Dubai include rate to your footwear asset.  Men’s shoes can be repaired seven to ten times at a normal of the cost of new shoes. It is not uncommon for a man to get 30 years out of a good pair of shoes.

Best Repair Service

Shoe repair can also assuage a variety of real problems. Shabby heels will change your bearing. When you are not walking properly, your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back can all suffer. Improper fit causes calluses, corns, and bunions. Shoe Repair Dubai shops offer stretching services and fitting aids to alleviate those problems. Typically, they can stretch a shoe from a D to an E in width. They can also include more space for toes. They can even sweep the calves on boots. If your shoes are too loose, you can pick up heel grips, tongue pads and insoles to create a better fit.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services