Punching Bag Mounting Service

Punching Bag Mounting Service

A punching bag is a dynamic piece of exercise equipment that can be useful for professional fighters and fitness seekers alike. The beauty of a boxing bag is that you don’t need to be in a gym to get good use out of it. You can hang it inside your home, garage, back porch, or anywhere you can find the space. But after you buy a punching bag, your next step is to find a proper Punching Bag Mounting Service providers like Dubai Repairs. We have a team of professionals who can mount your Punching Bag as per you want and wherever you want. 

How Dubai Repairs Do Punching Bag Mounting Service?

We have four different ways for mounting a Punching Bag at your desired place. We give each and every option to our customer to choose one and we will do the rest. Here we are mentioning some steps about how Dubai Repairs do this kind of difficult mounting. 
  • Location for the Punching Bag

After you purchase a punching bag, you need to find a perfect location to hang the bag. It should be somewhere that has open space for a workout. The best workout requires you to have 360 access to the bag, so keep that in mind when you are selecting the place. We recommend our customer to select a ceiling mounting method because it does not require proper open space for practicing.  Punching Bag Mounting Service

Time to Punching Bag Mounting Service With Your Desired Method:

1- Hang from a Support Beam

Most people prefer to hang the punching bag to a support beam on the ceiling. If you don’t have an open support beam in your home, then skip this part. Hanging your bag from the ceiling will give you better mobility when you work out. Ensure that you are selecting the strongest support beam for the task. The heavy punching bags can weigh up to 100 pounds and can cause damage if the beam is not strong enough.

2- Hang using a Ceiling Mount

There are different types of ceiling mounts available online that can help ease the hanging process. They will come with the required nuts and bolts that will be needed. The mounts can be placed on ceiling joists or beams. A location where the joist meets the beam would be ideal as it would offer the strongest support.

3- Hang using a Wall Mount

You may not have the option of hanging the bag on the ceiling or you may not be comfortable with it, whichever the case, you have the option of wall mounts. You can ask us to bring wall mount brackets for your punching bag with complete hardware. Don’t use the wall mount on the drywall, it is only recommended for masonry walls.

4- Use a Stand

There is also the option of using a stand to hang the bag. But this method isn’t recommended. Although they are portable, stands can be risky when used with heavy punching bags. They move around too much and can topple in the middle of a workout. You will have to weigh them down and that will cost you extra. If you would still like to use a stand; attach the chain to the S-hook and bag and hang it on the stand. Punching Bag Mounting Service

Some Answers To The Questioned You Might Think:

We thought it prudent to answer some questions that are frequently about the punching bags here as well: 1- Do punching bags offer a good workout? Yes, they provide resistance to muscles and cardio exercise for the body. 2- Are punching bags waterproof? Some synthetic punching bags are, but quality leather punch bags are not. 3- What are punching bags filled with? Pulp, sand, rags or a mixture of all. 4- Are punching bags bad for joints? Absolutely not, it helps make them stronger by giving them resilience. 5- Can you hang a punching bag outside? Yes, but make sure to cover it or bring it inside if there is rain. 6- Can a punching bag hurt your hands? Yes, so make sure that you are wearing the bag gloves when you work out. 7- Are punching bags good for muscle building and losing weight? Yes, they provide resistance to muscles and build new fibers. Bag workouts are great cardio and are excellent for weight loss.  

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