Marble Installation Dubai

Marble installation Dubai is done by expert handymen of Dubai Repairs. Our handymen are the expert in Marble installation Dubai on walls and floors. The marble installation is professionally done by the handymen of the Dubai Repairs.

Marble Installation Dubai:

Marble installation Dubai

Dubai Repairs provides best Marble installation Dubai. Marble installation Dubai is not only installed on the floors but walls also so that a beautiful wall interior can be made, this wall art is very in these days. The Marble installation Dubai come in many shapes and sizes and installed according to the choice of the customer.

Steps of Marble Installation Dubai:

Step 1- measuring twice:Marble installation Dubai

Our handymen measure the area in square feet and also the dimension of the area the customer wants to install marble. The measurement is done in detail and professionally so that the marbles can be installed properly.

Step 2- clean surface:

The surface of the place needed to be cleaned and dried properly so that the marbles can apply on the floors and wall. The stubborn dirt is cleaned with the wet surface cleaner so that it wouldn’t disturb the marble installation process.

Step 3- prepare the surface:

The surface of the area is cleaned properly and must be clear and clean. The area must be free room any furniture, dirt, pets or children before the installation of the marbles is started. Installation:

Step 1- measuring and finding center:

The measurement is done again and an outline is drawn on the surface the marbles needed to be installed. This helps the perfect installation of the marbles. The outline can be drawn out of chalk so that it can cover the surface as well. Now our handymen find the center of the area because the installation is started from the center point.

Step 2- place tiles and preview:

Now the pieces of tiles are set in places and manage according to it. This helps to prevent any faults in the installation. All the pieces set in place and preview.

Step 3- measure again and cut:

The marbles are now measured and cut according to the layout and measurement. The marbles are cut to perfection and edges of the marbles are shaped according to it.

Step 4- install the marble:

The pieces of marbles are now installed properly by applying the cement under the marbles. The gaps are also placed perfectly so that the beauty of marbles can be maintained.

Step 5- mix and apply grout:

The cement is let dry first before applying the grout. Once the cement is dried the grout is applied in the gaps to make it more durable and beautiful.

Step 6- let it dry:

The group is now let dry for a day and so. This is very important to properly dry the grout and combine the marble pieces in its place.

Step 7- apply sealer:

The last step is to seal the marbles and grout. The sealer is applied properly by the marble manufacturer. The marble and the grout properly absorb the sealer and gives the binding and shine to the marbles.


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