Masonry Work Dubai

Masonry work Dubai is a building structure made out of bricks and building stones. Masonry work Dubai is very doable building structures. So, Masonry work Dubai buildings are very popular from ancient times because they were durable and tough. Materials used in masonry building and Masonry work Dubai:

Masonry work Dubai

  • Marbles
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • cast stone
  • Concrete block
  • Glass block
  • Cob

Masonry work Dubai:

There are also different types of masonry work according to the materials used in the construction of the masonry.

Types of Masonry work Dubai:Masonry work Dubai

– Brick masonry – Concrete block/ brick masonry – stone/rubble masonry – Clay tiles etc.

Steps of Masonry work Dubai by Dubai Repairs:

Masonry work Dubai• The shapes of the masonry are also very important.
  • The different areas are also made and measured differently.
  • An area of the masonry is now measured in square meter or square inches.
  • The area is now clean and clear of any hurdles, plants, and also construction disposals.
  • The construction of masonry is done carefully by our expert construction staff.

Advantages of Masonry work Dubai:

  • The bricks and also stones used in masonry work help also in controlling the temperature of the building.
  • It increases the thermal mass of the construction.
  • It helps in protecting the building from the fire.
  • So It also helps in reducing the maintenance cost of the owner because it does not require any painting and also decorations.
  • These buildings are non-combustible.
  • These buildings are also more durable compared to the modern structures from earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

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