Ladies Bag Repair Dubai

Ladies bag repair Dubai

Almost every woman has bags which they carry for different purposes. There can be multiple problems in a ladies bag which can be repaired. These damages will be recovered by Ladies Bag Repair Dubai.

Ladies Bag Repair Dubai by Dubai Repairs:

Dubai Repairs has many professional staff members who are professionally trained for Ladies bag repair Dubai. Your bag can be of any brand, color or have any problem, our professionals will perfectly repair it.

Problems of Ladies bag repair Dubai by Dubai Repairs:

  • Fading color of the ladies bag
  • Broken zipper
  • Damaged surface of skin of ladies bag
  • Broken handle of ladies bag
  • Damaged chain of the bag
  • Torn out stitching of ladies bag

Types of Ladies bag repair Dubai by Dubai Repairs:


These bags are worn on the shoulders; it has two Handles on the back which serve the purpose to get the support of the shoulder. Teenagers, students, and travel


These bags are large from side to side and small form the top to bottom.


It has small capacity and it has a barrel shape.


It has good capacity and shaped like a bucket, these bags are also very popular among the brand bags; these bags open on the top and have a shoulders tarp.


These are enveloping shaped small bags usually designed to keep in the evenings, weddings and high- class parties and dinners.


These bags look similar to the doctors handbags, these have large handles and collapsible metal frame.


These have large capacity therefore used for sports, gym, travels and carrying large items.

Flap:Ladies bag repair Dubai1

These have a folding flap closure.


These just like the money purse and have very feminine shape.


These have a large capacity, carried on shoulder with one close main compartment.


These bags have long straps and worn across the body or on one side.


These are embellished with crystals, pearls, and beads made hard case. Usually used in evenings.


It has topstitched patterns similar to a quilt, these partners are very beautiful.


These bags are similar to the vintage school bags, have a flat bottom. Top closed and top carry handles too.


These are perfect for shopping as it is easy to carry and handling.Ladies bag repair Dubai2


Large bags have double handles with an open top and open the main compartment.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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