IKEA Kitchen Installation Service

IKEA kitchen installation service

IKEA is a leading brand which offers the custom kitchen making an IKEA kitchen installation service. It helps in turning your dream kitchen into reality. IKEA kitchen installation service offers a complete variety of products, brands, and utilities to choose from and build your kitchen the way you like. It gives a perfect set-up for a beautiful kitchen.

IKEA Kitchen Installation Service:

IKEA kitchen installation service

We install every nut and bolt as well as all the appliances of the kitchen as well.

Our Expertise:

Measurement of the kitchen:IKEA kitchen installation service

It does not matter what size your kitchen is, IKEA offers kitchen products and furniture for every size. Ask handymen of Dubai Repairs to visit your home and take all the measurements at your doorsteps. So, our professional will take professional measurements of a very cabinet, kitchen outlet, and counter.

Planning the work:

Our professionals ask your dream design and plan the kitchen around it.

  • Our professional carpenters will make a layout of the kitchen installation according to the measurement taken.
  • They will place each element in its place with the help of customer’s dream design.
  • They will now order ketchin installation from IKEA based on kitchen measurements and layouts.


  • They will design the look of the kitchen counters, cabinets, racks, and spaces divisions.
  • Dubai Repairs will design the material used, amount of it and its designing’s
  • They will design the colors, textures and other accessories around it.


The designed kitchen products will reach at your doorsteps within given date and time. These products are now ready to be installed.


Before installation the kitchen there is a need to assemble everything in its place where it belongs. The assembly is perfectly done by the carpenters of Dubai Repairs. We also assemble cabinets, its doors, and accessories etc. together.


Now the main step of kitchen installation comes where each and every part of the kitchen is properly fixed and installed in its place.

  • Cabinets are fixed on the all and all the installation is done.
  • Floor cabinets are installed
  • The kitchen counter is installed at its top
  • The kitchen installation is done by installing each part at its place.


The renovation of the house and kitchen is also done by the carpenters of Dubai Repairs. The repairing, replacing and renovation of IKEA kitchen is done by our expert carpenters.


We also provide the aftercare services of kitchen installation of IKEA. We provide IKEA kitchen maintenance services as well.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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