Door Hinges Repairing Service

Door Hinges Repairing Service

Door Hinges Repairing ServiceA door is one of the most important parts of our life at house, office and some other areas where we spent our time. It is the best way to keep our privacy private and don’t allow anyone to enter our premises. 

A normal door is a consist of a material Wooden or Glass, Door handle, Door Lock, Hinges, Door closer and a stopper. If any of them is not working properly then you should call to maintenance service for its maintenance. In Dubai, you will find many companies offering the same service but they are not authentic and proper service providers.

But there is a company in Dubai who is authentic and a registered company who provides you door hinges repairing service by the professional and expert technicians and that company is Dubai Repairs.

Door Hinges Repairing Service by Dubai Repairs:

Dubai Repairs is working in Dubai for 10 years and now we get too much experience by serving thousands of customers happily. By serving the 10 years of greatness, we have successfully made our goodwill in the market and now residents in Dubai know us by our name. It is not possible to create our Goodwill in a city where competition is too much high but our hardworking and honest technicians made this possible through their dedication.

They are working with us for a long time and make our company successful from every expects. Our technicians have special skills for door hinges repairing service as they have too much experience for it.

Types of Door Hinges:

There are many types of hinges for a door is available on the market in Dubai. You can easily get the best and the one which suits your door. There are many different styles and types of hinges you can see in the market. Some of them are mentioned here,Door Hinges Repairing Service

1- Butt Hinges
2- T Hinges
3- Strap Hinges
4- Gate Hinges
5- Special Purpose Hinges
6- Soss Hinges
7- Piano Hinges
8- Baldwin Hinges
9- Spring Hinges
10- Pivot Hinges
11- Screen Door Hinges


These are some types of hinges which are used indoors mostly. These hinges are sometimes gets damaged due to continuous usage of a door and needs to be repaired but its required to have some professional technician who knows how to repair these hinges and we will give you surety that Dubai Repairs’s Technician will do repair them with ease.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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