Cycle Repair Dubai

Cycle Repair Dubai

Dubai Repairs is a smart alternative to the traditional bicycle workshop. If you’ve got purchased a bike from one of the various internet retailers or perhaps from one among the main bicycle stores we’ll provide you with the same qualified expertise you’ll find any of those stores with another advantage of serving you at the doorstep . We understand the majority of people live busy lives, it’s not always convenient to drop off your bicycle at a workshop and schedule a time to collect it, addressing this primary concern we offer easy, convenient and reliable Cycle Repair Dubai service just a click or phone call away! Happy cycling! Cycle Repair Dubai


We’re bike people. That means you care about your bike, then do we.


From residential to commercial areas bookings, clubs & event services, we have you covered.


Certified Technicians who are at the doorstep at your convenient time


With competitive  and cheap rates and fast service , we’ll provide you with the best value for some time and money. Absolutely nothing is more proud at Dubai Repairs than giving you the quality of the mechanical work. We’re very happy to offer you a 1 day turn around during weekdays, however doing the work right is a lot more important compared to doing the work fast. We’ve got not only one master mechanic; our employees have over 10 years experience doing professional Cycle Repair Dubai and maintenance. We frequently get professional training also as top-quality tools as new technology arrives.

Cycle Repair Dubai Service by Dubai Repairs

Our maintenance staff also really cares about both you and your bikes as individuals. you would like to find out about your experience to make sure that we don’t only service your bike during a quite common way. We make an effort to make sure the work is completed straight from your perspective, not only ours. We promise your satisfaction in all labor costs. We’ve got regular service packages, nevertheless bikes seldom have similar needs. Take your bicycle in and allow a mechanic to take a look. Explain any issues related to mechanical service, you’ve been getting as particularly as possible and let them know what you need to be done. After the talk and observation, they could often provide you with a precise estimate of what it’ll cost you. If you value an old bike thanks to the way it feels, fits, or handles and need to recover it, we’re here to work out precisely how to help make that possible.

Cycle Repair Dubai Workshop

For all the clunks, clicks, creaks, and things that go “bump” on your bike
  • Servicing
Like any vehicle, regular servicing can ensure fewer problems and may extend the lifetime of your bike
  • Wheel Builds
Building from scratch, repairing and truing wheels is one among our specialties
  • Gear Service
If your bike has a tough time shifting, staying in gear, or the chain is falling off, it is time to service the gears
  • Boxed Bike Builds
including a full safety check, brake found out , gear set up and pedal fitting
  • Brake Adjustments
Regular maintenance of your bike brakes will help them perform long and better and ensure you’re riding safely
  • Custom Projects
We are proud and loved a new special project, especially creating one off custom bikes Cycle Repair Dubai


Regular bike servicing and preventative maintenance will help prolong the lifetime of your bike, meaning you’ll enjoy safe and trouble free cycling.


The ethos behind the business is to supply a versatile , cost effective way for fellow cyclists to urge their bikes maintained and repaired whilst providing exceptional customer service.  

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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