Car Radiator Repair Dubai

Car Radiator Repair Dubai

The best thing you can do for your vehicle has prevented any faults with your cooling system before it is too late. Preventing any car radiator repair Dubai or temperature problems is a lot cheaper than ignoring them. Dubai Repairs can accomplish preventative maintenance services to your car’s AC system to help lower the potential risk of breakdowns and overheating radiators.

If your car overheats or is leaking coolant or water – STOP SAFELY do not drive, even a small distance may cause serious engine damage. The radiator is an important part of your car’s cooling system. Its primary function is to regulate the temperature of engine coolant, while working alongside other components in your cooling system, and to stop it from overheating.

Car Radiator Repair DubaiWarning Signs to look out for

  • Radiator breakdown (We recommended not to drive your vehicle)
  • Constantly topping up your radiator
  • Engine running hot
  • Any signs of water leaks
  • Coolant loss is mostly red or  green but you may see blue, yellow or orange you will normally see this under the car
  • Steam coming out of your  bonnet
  • Temperature gauge getting high
  • Been in a minor accident
  • Temperature light on your dash
  • Cloudy colored coolant

Whatever car you are driving, Dubai Repairs has an extensive range of radiators and cooling system products to suit your budget, we can repair all makes and model.

Call Dubai Repairs Specialist and experts, we will do a complete checkup of your car cooling system. Your cooling system includes car radiator repair Dubai, radiator cap, water pump, drive belt, cooling fan, coolant, & water hoses. We come to your place, our convenient Mobile service is available 7 days. We also have a Service & Diagnosis Centre in central Penrose next to the train station.

Dubai’s largest, oldest & most experienced Mobile Mechanics.  We are providing servicing and car radiator repair Dubai from last 10 years in Dubai.


Car Radiator Repair Dubai by Dubai Repairs

Anyone who’s seen a vehicle with smoke billowing out from its grille should understand the value of a well-functioning radiator. Whether as part of an internal combustion engine system or cooling motor in a refrigerated trailer, a radiator’s primary task is to remove heat from the energy source so it can function as it should.

An accurately functioning radiator will keep your engine away from overheating and continue the life of your vehicle, trailer or equipment.

  • Diagnosing a Bad Radiator
  • Some of the signs of a radiator going bad or coolant hose leak include
  • Red or Green Coolant Puddles Under Vehicle
  • Overheating Engine
  • Need to Refill Coolant Constantly
  • Smoke from Grille
  • Get directions

A note on pressure caps: While a bad pressure cap can cause issues with your radiator, you should never remove the cap while the radiator is hot. Doing so can lead to serious scalding since the coolant is very hot and under pressure.

Re-Coring Your Radiator

Car Radiator Repair DubaiSo, if we are impotent to repair your car radiator, we can also core that is very similar to the original and will perform as expected.

Dubai Repairs also offers radiator repairs to Dubai for trucks, trailers, farm equipment and refrigerated containers. For radiators that are beyond repair, we can replace it with a radiator designed for your vehicle or equipment.

Our car radiator repair Dubai services are also available at industrial and commercial sector customers in Dubai. So, to schedule service, please give us a call at any time.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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