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Car glass tinting in Dubai


Car glass tinting in Dubai is another important part which needs to be replaced after few years, no matter how good condition your car has your car glass needs to be replaced after few years. The Car glass tinting in Dubai depends on the usage of car glass and quantity of its use. The replacement if the car glass is done by the mechanics so that no toxic liquids inside the car glass is leaked out in the car and stops the car damage.

Car Glass Tinting in Dubai:

OEM tinted glass:Car glass tinting in Dubai

An OEM tinted glass is tinted within the glass; it is done in the glass making the process that is why it last throughout the entire life of the glass.

Coating tint:

It usually comes in spray form the solution is applied a special tinted solution which spread on the glass. This type of tint lasts much longer than film tinting. This needed to remove the glass of the window to apply the tint coating therefore not many mechanics provide this services:

Film tint:

Film tinting is very popular method among car tinting. The car tinting is done after purchasing the tint of the car window. When this method of glass tinting is selected, it is done in following steps:

Car glass tinting in Dubai

  • Cleaning the glass of car window
  • Selecting the shade of glass tint
  • Measuring the size of glass and pre-cut it
  • Trim the glass tint
  • Applying the fixing solution
  • Applying the glass tint on car window Finish off

Steps of Car glass tinting in Dubai:

Call our mechanic:Car glass tinting in Dubai

The first step is to call our mechanics by using our website or number. This helps you reach the engine mechanic on time.

Explain glass tinting service you want to avail:

Now you have to tell us about the glass tinting services you want to avail so that we will send you a mechanic expert in that particular field of glass tinting, with right tools and accessories, as well as options of glass tinting. This glass comes with a mild tint and therefore used many places including car glass tint. This tinted glass is more expensive than applying tinted sheets on the glass.

Guide your location:

After telling your requirements you have to give the address details, your area, and number on which our mechanic can contact you.

Fix appointment, date and time:

Now you have to select a date and time on which you want to avail our service.

Receive services:

Our car mechanic will reach at your home on given date and time and provide you the services of window tinting of the car.

Make payments:

You will receive a proper invoice of the services you avail and you have to pay according to it. Before starting the services our mechanics will quote the prices for the services so that the customers can agree on it.


You can enjoy car glass tinting at the comfort of your home and hustle-free efforts in minimum time and save lots of energy.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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    I would like to get a price quote for coat window tinting service and film window tinting service. You can whatsapp or call me at 0523489713. Also, do you service in the Al Ghadeer Village area? Located near Ibn Butta mall.