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Balcony Safety Netting Dubai

Balcony Safety Netting DubaiDubai Repairs For Life Balcony Safety Netting Dubai to Childproof balconies, windows, stairs, and mezzanines Childproof Dangerous areas in your home! Our safety net system can childproof windows, balconies, mezzanines, and stairs, giving parents peace of mind. Secure your home with this easy installation and give your children free space to play! Dubai Repairs For Life is a self-installation kit, which includes the net (cut to the chosen size), polyamide anchorage strips, stainless steel screws and plastic anchors, as well as a detailed installation guide. The tests concluded that the system holds 140kg per meter square, which means it is able to hold the weight of 2 or 3 children pushing out at the same time.

The kit works for the following surfaces:

Concrete, brick, timber, and aluminumIf you think to install it in plasterboard, you will have to build a frame and fit the frame properly to the building. Balcony Safety Netting Dubai must be installed on the frame in this case, not on the gyprock.  

Key Balcony Safety Netting Dubai features are:

  • A product that is alluring, restrained and easy to use install in a different type of positions, both inside and outside the building
  • The product can hold 140kg per m2
  • Patented, trademarked design, by its own installation, that guarantees the required tension and strength, offering a secure and reliable system
  • A brand that is conducted with UV index factor preservative to preserve its lifespan
  • Its touch is friendly without sharp edges, that may damage or put children or adults at risk
  • Design that adds a blaze channel to avert rainwater retention when installing on the outside of the building
  • Each set provides the net, screws, pegs, anchorages, definitive literature and all necessary items for step-by-step installation
  • The unit is possible to remove and reuse
  • Wrapping that is lightweight and practical to send by shipping anywhere in the world
  • It is possible to purchase additional elements, including nets and profiles, as required
Balcony Safety Netting DubaiWarranty: Two years from purchase As qualified installers and licensed pest bird technicians, Dubai Repairs are the experts when it comes to total bird exclusion.  With a wide range of Balcony Safety Netting Dubai solutions, we have been helping business properties to eliminate damage, disease.

Why Choose Us?

Not only can Dubai Repairs install one of the durable and most versatile netting systems in Dubai, we offer competitive pricing and fully guarantee our work. We take the time to give you experienced advice for a wide range of architectural facades. By attentively appraise your pest bird problem we positively create cost-effective long-term solutions.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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  • Nathan Rijckmans

    I live in a 33rd floor apartment in JLT with a large (7m x 2m) square balcony with one open corner. I am interested in having transparent safety netting installed. Please provide me with a basic price quote.