Frame Installation in Dubai

Frame Installation in Dubai

Frame Installation in DubaiAre you looking someone for your Frame Installation in Dubai? So don’t you worry, Dubai Repairs is providing this service professionally so it looks excellent and level within your Dubai? Our acutely and detail adapt frame installation and mirror hanging service have an experience of many years of installation working in all types of residential and corporate spaces.

Frame Installation in Dubai by Dubai Repairs:

Convenient and level installation of frames and mirrors should be an imperative part of any, art gallery, corporate office. If there are multiple artworks, spacing and placement become key. Commensurate formation, height level, grouping, and placement of frame and mirrors will add to the area rather.

The entirely assured professional frame installers have the crucial experience and skills to carefully install almost any type, size and shape of fine art or mirrors on pretty much any wall surface – drywall, plaster, cement, brick, steel, wallpaper and fabric covered. 

Frame Installation in DubaiIf you have a gallery, corporate or office space and are understandably concerned about protecting valuable or irreplaceable artworks, our installation professionals have experience installing security hardware which will protect your artwork from being lifted by securely latch the artwork directly to the wall.

Why Choose Us?

Our Frame Installation in Dubai professionals also works with highly experienced picture framers. Who can assess the condition of existing framed fine art and mirrors? If necessary, do some minor touch-ups to enliven up their display or recommend replacement frames. Our installers can offer advice about conservation and preservation of existing artworks as well as make recommendations.

We mostly specialize in fine art picture hanging and mirror installation within Manhattan neighbourhoods in Dubai.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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