Air Hockey Table Assembly

Air Hockey Table Assembly

Dubai Repairs Billiards employees began creating a game that used frictionless surfaces but eventually abandoned it. A few years later it was picked up by Lemieux who decided to create a version of ice hockey. Utilizing a thin disc and two mallets, opponents would attempt to get the puck into the opponent’s slit-like goal. The game immediately became popular and was a financial success. Tournament play began in the mid-1970s in the US, and today there even professional air hockey players. People love to have Air Hockey table in their house but the problem is to assemble the table which is not an easy task to do. But Dubai Repairs brings Air Hockey Table Assembly for the residents of Dubai. Here are a few air hockey rules.
  1. To determine who gets the first possession, toss a coin.Air Hockey Table Assembly
  2. The first person to 7 points wins.
  3. If the opponent doesn’t hit the puck within 7 seconds of it crossing the center line into his or her territory, a foul is committed and loss of possession occurs.
  4. Using the mallet on top of the puck to stop it is also a foul and loss of possession.
  5. Loss of possession also occurs if anything other than a mallet touches the puck.
  6. If the puck is topped with anything other than the mallet when it is on a clear path into the goal, the opponent gets a free shot.
  7. Hitting the puck when it is on the opponent’s side of the center line and/or crossing the center line completely with the mallet is a loss of possession.
  8. If the puck leaves the table, it’s a loss of possession.

Air Hockey Table Assembly by Dubai Repairs

Game tables are a great way to bring friends and families together for a little bit of competitive action. We have years of experience installing all brands of game tables and provide professional Air Hockey Table Assembly service for many major retailers throughout the tri-state area. With this holiday season fast approaching, Air Hockey Table Assembly by Dubai Repairs is your best choice for assembly service. There is no table to big or too small, we assemble it all! Air Hockey Table AssemblyWe provide Air Hockey Table Assembly in Dubai. Our game table assembly service is mostly requested by homeowners, apartment renters with balcony, condo owners, and local hotels. We guarantee the workmanship of each and every game table we assemble for 30 days. Rest assured that we do a great job. Call 0581873003 We also have lots of experience assembling air hockey table for small businesses, Nonprofit organizations, as well as commercial enterprises. Please contact us today for a free price quote.

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