Sliding Drawers Repair in Dubai

Sliding drawers help in opening and closing the drawer; it helps in distribute the weight and provides motion to the drawer. The Sliding drawers repair in Dubai are the perfect solution to the stuck and heavy drawers. It helps the drawers to open and close properly and easily.We do not recommend you to install and repair your sliding drawers by yourself because it might damage your new sliding drawers or the old drawer. The Sliding drawers repair in Dubai by an amateur can result in damaging and bending of key or not proper repairing of the sliding drawers. That is why we offer to install new and old sliding drawers.

Sliding Drawers Repair in Dubai:

Sliding drawers repair in Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC repairing services provide you affordable and fast repairing of Sliding drawers repair in Dubai. It helps you to secure your drawers and gives you surety and security to your expensive jewelry, cash, mobiles and other items. Our team members are well trained to Sliding drawers repair in Dubai at homes and offices. Sliding drawers are one of safest places in a house, were all your expensive items such as mobiles, cash and jewelry are placed. Our team is professionally trained in Sliding drawers repair in Dubai and guide you how to use it. Our services are every affordable and reasonable so that customers can enjoy the repairing. Our professional staff is very reliable as they are hired after a background check and have experience in their field. The repairing professional will solve your problem in no time and will come to your doorstep to deliver his services.

Types of problems in sliding drawer:

Sliding drawers repair in Dubai

• Stuck drawers
• Broken and damaged drawer mount
• Damaged and broken sliding channel of sliding drawer
• Broken or damaged drawer

Types of sliding drawer mount:

• Slide-mount
• Center mount
• Under mount

We are covering greater area of Dubai including:

How to install?

Sliding drawers repair in Dubai is just a call away. Al-Suroor repairing will provide all the services you needed for the repairing. You can call our professional team member to install and repair the sliding drawers at your home by just a few simple steps:

• Call us or visit our website to avail the services.
• Our expert team professional will visit your home or office on given appointment time and date.
• He will empty the drawers.
• He will determine the problem of the drawer because sliding drawers usually have problems like broken mount, slide channel or damage, and broken drawer panel.
• He will take the circumference of the sliding drawers and drill the hole in a drawer.
• He will install the sliding drawers at your home or office.
• He will make sure the key and sliding drawers are working properly.
• He will provide you tips to maintain well as use the sliding drawers.
• He will receive the payment
• Now you can enjoy new sliding drawers in no time.

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