Ceiling Contractors Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides numbers of services in Ceiling Contractors Dubai. Other than many other companies who claims the services for the ceiling but fails to do so, Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides A to Z Ceiling Contractors Dubai services at your doorsteps.

Ceiling Contractors Dubai:

Ceiling Contractors Dubai

Al Suroor Technical Services LLC is well known for our Carpentry Services in Dubai and handymen services. We are pride to tell you that our customer’s list is getting long day by day due to our professional and fast work which is very important for us. Our carpenters are having more than 15 years of experience in making and Ceiling Contractors Dubai If you need to Ceiling Contractors Dubai in your homes or offices and much more. So, you should be relaxed after handing the project to us. No, the project is big or small for us we work sincerely on both. We are the best Ceiling Contractors Dubai.

We are covering greater area of Dubai including:

Services of Ceiling Contractors Dubai By Al-Suroor:

Electrical ceiling work:

The electrical work is done for attaching electrical components to the ceiling such as:

• Fans
• Air conditioners
• Lights
• Bulbs
• Electronic vents

False ceiling work:

The false ceiling is one of the latest trends in the ceiling business. These ceilings are made for following reasons:

• Decoration
• Insulation
• Ceiling art
• Heat resistance

Ceiling paints:Ceiling Contractors Dubai

The ceiling is painted in a different and same color to highlight the ceiling of the room. The ceiling color adds extra dimensions to the ceiling. Many times the ceilings are painted in different colors than walls to give it a beautiful interior look.

Ceiling decor:

The traditional ceiling decor is done by the adding the textures and design on the ceilings. These designs are made from different molds and cement. These designs are chosen by the customers and house owners according to their interior, choice and preference.

Ceiling lights:

The ceiling lights are very in these days. Not only it gives drama and depth to the room but also it helps in distributing the light to all the corners of the room. Different lighting options are now in these days and people love to add ceiling lights in their rooms and offices.

Renovation ceiling:

Old ceilings are now remodeled according to the customer’s need. May times there is a safer issue include in old houses, villas, and buildings that the ceiling might fall. That is why ceiling renovation and repairing of the ceiling is important.

Remodeling ceiling:

The remodeling of the ceiling is done by our expert construction experts. Our handymen completely change the look of your ceiling by doing all the work at your doorsteps. They will add lights, paint the ceilings, do the ceiling decor, made the false ceiling as well as repair any faults in the ceiling.

Insulation of ceiling:

The insulation of ceiling is very important in case you live in extreme weather such as Dubai. It is hot most of the times in Dubai that are why the insulation of the ceiling is done by the expert handymen of Al-Suroor.

Repairing broken or leaking ceilings:

The ceilings are repaired in case if the ceiling is broken or damaged. Many times the ceiling is also leaking rain water, and seepage of water is leaking from the ceiling surface. This problem also leads to paint damages as well as weakens the construction of the ceilings.

Cleaning ceiling ventilation:

The ceiling vents are also cleaned by Al-Suroor handymen. It is considered to be one of the most difficult jobs. The ceiling vents can have pollution, dirt, and mold which needed to be cleaned.

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