Spartan Bicycle Repair Services

Spartan Bicycle Repair Service

ABOUT SPARTAN: Sparta is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer based in Apeldoorn, which has also manufactured motorcycles and mopeds. It is the biggest maker of electric bikes in Europe. With the approval of Disney, Spartan started designing licensed children’s bikes that did not compromise on quality and held all the fun.’ That’s what riding a bike should be, after all. Ten years later, Spartan now produces bicycles approved by Disney, Marvel, Mattel, Nickelodeon, as well as bicycles for ‘Tall’ girls, all at affordable rates. And you can go ahead and buy the great ‘fun’ bike, knowing that you’re getting a piece of craftsmanship. One that makes riding a bike the fun and enjoyable activity that it should be. With our new Spartan Bicycle Repair Services, you can arrange online appointments and bike tune-ups to get your road bike, mountain bike, active bike or e-bike serviced and tuned.

Spartan Bicycle Repair Service

Our goal has always been to have more people on their bikes. It should be easy and smooth to take care of your bike.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home, at work, or somewhere in between, our qualified mobile bike repair mechanics will come to you.

From Routine Check-up to Overall Bike Repairing at Spartan Bicycle Repair Services

Our Spartan Bicycle Repair Services, mechanics provide a wide variety of bike services to help you get your nice ride up and running again, wherever you might be. Whether you need a thorough bike tune-up, a fast wash, or brake installation, our mobile bike mechanics have you covered. Dubai Repairs Spartan Bicycle Repair Service is the company you can count on:

Lubrication: Keep your chain lubricated and fully clean. Keep the cables lubricated, particularly after a wet trip.

Wheels: Make sure the bearings are properly greased and smoothly balanced.

Bearings: Have the crank bearings (bottom bracket) and the fork bearings (headset) tested annually.

Fasteners: Inspect essential fasteners, such as nuts and bolts, at least once a season and after any operation.

Spartan Bicycle Repair Services TUNE-UP PACKAGES

The economic condition in the world has found it impossible to supply parts for certain replacements. Bicycles that do not qualify for a tune-up kit are compensated at our hourly rate on a daily basis. Tune-up kits do not contain parts such as chains, cassettes, brake pads, tires, tubing, etc.

  • Check & adjust hubs, adding grease if necessary
  • True wheels & check overall spoke tension
  • Check & align rear derailleur hanger
  • Check/clean/lube/adjust shifting and braking front and rear
  • Check/adjust all bearing surfaces
  • Visual inspection and safety check
  • Labor for most installations is included in the tune-up price, such as chains, cassettes, cables & housing, brake pads, tires & tubes. 
  • Labor for hub overhauls, bottom bracket removal & re-installation or overhaul, brake bleeds, and suspension service incur additional labor charges

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