Car Battery Dubai

Car battery Dubai required attention when its time duration is complete. If your battery is still in a good condition, youCar Battery Dubai can use it further. Dubai Repairs provides your car battery services and checkup so that your car battery gets going. Our professional mechanics are very expert in checking up your car battery and finding any faults.

Once the car battery time is over it is better to replace it because it can make troubles very often. It is good to replace with a brand new battery so that the car engine and other parts get a good start. The car battery provides power supply to headlights, window’s glass, locking and unlocking doors, air conditioners, electric wiring and much more. That is why it is essential to have a good car battery for better working car parts.

Car battery Dubai services by Dubai Repairs:

There can be many services customer can avail from the car battery Dubai services such as charging the battery, replacing the car battery or car battery check-up and electric supply checkup.

1. Car battery charge:

Many times that car battery gets low due to not proper and regular electric supply or any other reason. That is why it needed to be charged. Our mechanics charge your car battery Dubai and gets it going.

Reasons for car battery charging:
  • Due to cold weather
  • Due to not using the car more often
  • Not starting the car for days or weeks
  • Not proper electric supply circulated in a car battery

2. Car battery check-up and electric supply:

The electric system and your car battery work as a team, both depend on each other. That is why it is required to have a checkup on both battery and electric system for good engine running. It is important that the electric system is properly attached to the battery and battery provides good electric current to all the components.

  • Our mechanics make sure that the engine is receiving proper electric current from the car battery.Car Battery Dubai1
  • The battery is taking a load from the starter.
  • Our mechanics check the alternator and make sure it is receiving the right amount of electric current from the battery and voltage to keep your battery charged and running and all the parts are performing as they are expected.
  • A checkup is done on the voltage output to make sure it is working properly; a weak or dead battery can cause damage to the electrical system of the car.

3. Car battery Dubai replacement:

Once you have decided to replace your car battery give us a call, our mechanic will reach your home to change your car battery in no time. We also provide the guaranty of new and genuine car battery installation, in the case of damage car battery you can claim the warranty and save your money. Many freelancers and mechanics do not provide car battery warranty and therefore use old car battery which completes its tenure before the time.


Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services