Wash Basin Mixer Tap


Product Details

  • Designed for use in public area
  • Conforms to, HTM64 (2006), HTM04
  • Thermostatic at point of use – set to 41°C
  • Closed fist operation
  • Can be fitted into standard pillar tap hole
  • Eliminates need for premixed water
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Wash Basin is a thing which is used in the every second house which means it is very important and necessary part of our life. Wash Basin is normally a bowl which drains the water to the drainage line. It also has some basic parts which make it complete otherwise only Wash Basin is useless. A standard Wash Basin is consist of a Sink Bowl, its installation brackets, a drainage pipe, grip washer and the most important part is its Tap. Without Tap connection there is no use of Wash Basin because Tap floats the water to the user. There are many types of Tap’s Available in the Market but a majority of the residents use Wash Basin Mixer Tap which allows both Hot and Cold water to flow together. The user also used Wash Basin Mixer Tap to get the normal temperature water because, in the season of Springs, everyone tries to get normal water not much hot or colder. So they prefer Wash Basin Tap Mixer which fulfils their need.

Types of Wash Basin Mixer Tap:

There are many types of Wash Basin Mixes Tap which users like to get installed in their house. Some of the types are mention below:

1- Twin Pillar Tap

2- Deck Mounted Mixer Tap

3- Deck Mounted Filler Tap

4- Wall Mounted Mixer Tap

5- Wall Mounted Filler Tap




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