Single Wash Basin White


Product Details

  • Dimensions – L400 x W400 x H150mm
  • Colour – White
  • Product Type – Bowl / Countertop basin with no overflow
  • Tap Holes – 0
  • Material – Vitreous china
  • Shape – Square
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The Wash Basin is a necessary product which is used in every single house and it is a basic need of every house. It is commonly installed in those areas where we do the washing of hands, clothes and utensils. Wash Basin is available in many different types and different functions but mostly people used standard wash basin. But here in Dubai, the life of people is upper class and they love to have Single wash basin which is different from the standard one and also gives a unique and royal look to your washroom and kitchen. Wash basin normally comes in white colour but it also has some different colours like Blue, Black, Cream, Metallic, Grey and Brown. Here we are going to discuss Single Wash Basin White. Single Wash Basin White is not available commonly in the markets of Dubai but if you are going to find then you can get it from Dubai Repairs because we have a direct contact with the manufacturers of Single Wash Basin.


Types of Single Wash Basin White:

There are many types of Single Wash Basin White. Some of the types are mentioned below:

1- Bomba Wash Basin

2- Warp Integrated Countertop

3- Wash Basin Fonte

4- Wash Basin Hole

5- Moody Wash Basin

6- RHO Metal Basin

7- Florence Glass Basin

8- Unico Basin


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