MDF Mahogany 18mm (4Ft by 8Ft)


The timber of Khaya is called African mahogany and is generally regarded as the closest mahogany to genuine mahogany which is of the genus Swietenia.Khaya senegalensis, also known as the African dry zone mahogany or Mubaba in the Shona language is also used for its herbaceous parts.



Medium Density Fiberboard is an engineered wood product, composed of hardwood and softwood residuals. Broken down into fine fibres, it is combined with wax and a resin binder. The materials are formed into panels by applying intense heat and pressure. MDF Mahogany is stronger and much different than particle board as there is no sawdust involved in construction. Poised of independent fibres, MDF is enough heavy as compared to plywood. In fact, MDF can be utilised as a solid substitute for normal plywood building applications.

As with many building materials, proper safety protocols should be observed when working with MDF. It is critical to note that MDF Mahogany is completely intact when flawless as a chunk of furniture. However, it releases a lot of dust particles during cutting. For safety’s sake, it’s a great practice to wear a mask, cut the material in a ventilated environment, and seal exposed edges.

MDF Mahogany is great for furniture, shelving, and cabinets. Excellent for barbed and shaping, it is easily crushed with all power tools and confront tear out. Finishes include veneer, laminate, and paint. MDF is stiff, dense, and flat, without knots, voids, or grain. A replacement for plywood and particle board, there’s no risk of tear out, and it delivers sharp edges upon cutting.



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