Double Wash Basin White



Double Wash Basin gives your washing area a new and unique look just because of its specifications. Just look at Specs and size of it.

Double Wash Basin White
Length: 106 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 20 cm
Weight: 33.30 kg
Weight: 30.64 kg

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The Wash Basin is a necessary product which is used in every single house and it is a basic need of every house. It is commonly installed in those areas where we do the washing of hands, clothes and utensils. Wash Basin is available in many different types and different functions but mostly people used standard wash basin. But here in Dubai, the life of people is upper class and they love to have double wash basin which is different from the standard one and also gives a unique and royal look to your washroom and kitchen. Wash basin normally comes in white colour but it also has some different colours like Blue, Black, Cream, Metallic, Grey and Brown. Here we are going to discuss Double Wash Basin White. Double Wash Basin White is not available commonly in the markets of Dubai but if you are going to find then you can get it from Dubai Repairs because we have a direct contact with the manufacturers of Double Wash Basin.

Features of Double Wash Basin White:

Double wash basin White is great for large numbers of people and also reduces the time of waiting for the other people. Dubai Repairs industrial wash basins are ergonomically designed, with sensor operation ensuring the maximum level of hygiene is achieved. Made of stainless steel, unpleasant smells are also prevented by a syphon mounted in the drain.

Our sensor-operated industrial hand wash basins are equipped with a Legionella prevention system with automatic flushing at set times. The flushing can be scheduled to start between 24 and 78 hours after the last use (adjustable).

Double Wash Basins Features

Made from stainless steel
Legionella prevention
Water does not reside in corners
Double Wash Basins Options

2, 4, or 6 sinks
Sensor- or knee-operated


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