Curtain Rods


Material Required For Curtain Rods

Normally curtain Rods gets installed easily but sometimes it required some material which makes them more strong. These materials are

  • Drill
  • Wooden Piece
  • Niel
  • Screw Driver
  • Level Balancing Gadget
  • Hooks
  • Clips
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In our houses, there are many different types of products and items are required to make our house complete. Some things seem to be little and not so important but they have their own importance such as Curtains. Curtains is a very necessary part of everyone’s house because it can help you for different purposes like if you don’t want sunlight to come across to your house then you can use it or if you are worried about some privacy then it will also provide you privacy completely. Some people also use Curtains for some decorative purpose. Curtains are usually installed on the wall but some curtains are hanged on the roof. Curtains need some parts in its installation like Curtain Rods, Curtain Clips, Curtain Hooks and tools. If you’re looking for certain installation services then we also provide these services by the professional technicians. Dubai Repairs always hire trained and expert technicians because it is a fine job and its requirement is to have some expert staff.

Types of Curtain Rods:

There are many different types of Curtain Rods available at Dubai repairs. You can get easily your desired curtain Rods from the online store of Dubai Repairs. If you’re looking for some expert who can suggest you that which type of Curtain Rod will suits to your house and any area then we also have professional and expert designers who can guide you about this. We offer this service free of cost and you can avail it by just giving us a call. Some Types are mentioned as:

1- Finials Rods

2- French Rods

3- Spring Tension

4- Cafe Rods

5- Sash Rods

6- Holdbacks


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