Ariston Electric Water Heater 80 Litre



Brand: Ariston
Color:  White
Weight:  23 kg
Depth:  48 cm
Height:  76 cm
Width:  45 cm
Power Source Type:  Electric
Water Heater Type:  Tank Water Heater
Capacity:  80 Liter
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Ariston is an Italian Brand which is founded in 1930. Ariston is expert in making Heating products from the date in which they introduced to the market. First Ariston was only available in Italy but nowadays it becomes a worldwide brand. Around 70% of the World is entertaining by Ariston and they are still trying to spread their product to the remaining 30%. Ariston is expert in manufacturing of various items like Water Heater, Water Pump, Solar Thermal Panel, Water Boilers and some others. But one of the best product of Ariston is its Electric Water Heater. Ariston Ariston Electric Water Heater 80 LitreElectric Water Heater 80 Litre is the most common product which is used in Dubai. It is a very important product which is required in every house in the season of winters but some people used Water Heater on a regular basis because they have a habit of taking bath with Hot Water.

Features of Ariston Electric Water Heater 80 Litre

  1. Two smaller Stainless steel tanks accelerate healing time by up to 60% compared to single tank models. Stainless steel hardly causes corrosion. Therefore you no longer require to replace the anodes;
  2. Sheathed heating elements: the 50, 80 and 100-litre models have a heating element that does not come in contact with water. Easy to replace (no draining of tank) and no corrosion on the heating element. Soon all models will follow;
  3. Power Button: operate all heating elements simultaneously. Improve heating time by 50% compared to Ariston Velis;
  4. Eco Selector technology: a smart controller that paired with the latest generation PUR foam insulation significantly reduces energy consumption
  5. Modern design and flattest electric water heater on the market. Inox Flat a mere 10.3″ and the Silver Flat just 9.48″
  6. Inox Flat can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Silver Flat only vertically
  7. Inox Flat has one single and one double heating element. Silver has two single heating elements
  8. Latest PUR foam insulation for improved heat retainment
  9. Low-maintenance unit thanks to the stainless steel tanks and sheathed heating elements



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