Gardening Services in Dubai

Gardening Services in dubai

We provide a complete residential and commercial landscape maintenance and Gardening Services in Dubai. Which includes lawn service and maintenance, grass cutting, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and breed, hedgerow-cutting and frill, and anything else which keeps your garden looking good. The seasonal lawn care services will help to instantly beautify your backyard. Our company is not provided only landscaping and gardening services in Dubai, we create exclusive gardens which require a whole complex of landscape works. We offer a full range of services from developing in Dubai landscape design project to its professional implementation.

General Gardening Services in Dubai:

Gardening Services in Dubai

Gardening Services Provide by Dubai Repairs:

1: Arrange new garden at home, villas, apartments and also offices.

2: Modernize the existing gardens and installation of irrigation and sprinkler works.

Starting Garden:Gardening Services in dubai

The idea in your mind about the size and area where you want to set up a garden. The amount of sun disclosure and access to water will also consider while selecting area fro garden. Also, make a chart of the landscape and area for flowers Test your soil to find out what vitamin it needs.

Choosing plants:

Choose your flowers based on which collection will do well in your weather, and also whether you want to be done yearly, which live for a year. So, which bloom for various years, or a combination. When planning a flower garden in the yard, including plants that flourish during different parts of the year so that something is always blooming. Also, consider the clay type while choosing plants.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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