Car Window Tinting Dubai Law

Car Window Tinting Dubai Law

Car Window Tinting Dubai LawIn Dubai, Many people used the tinted window for their car and it is just for some different purposes. The majority used tinted windows to save themselves from heat strikes and suns rays as it blocks 97% of it. It is very useful for the residents of Dubai because this can make traveling easy for them to go anywhere they want without taking any tension of hot weather outside. When tinted window glass having many advantages same as this required some official permissions as Government of Dubai and RTA made strict laws for the Tinted window glass.

The resident has to bring permit along with them when they are traveling for somewhere and they are using Tinted Car Windows because to have a tinted glass needs a permit and if some Policeman stops you and claims that how are you using tinted glass for your car then you can show your permit letter to them.

Car Window Tinting Dubai Law by Dubai Repairs:

Dubai Repairs is one of the best and the leading company in Dubai which is serving Dubai for many years in Car Mechanics field. We have the best and the most experienced mechanics who know everything about a car. Our mechanics take training in mechanics field for many years and now they become a car doctor. We do not only provide services for car repairing and related to mechanics but we also spread awareness program. Which is helpful for the car drivers like speed driving may cause your life lost. Always fill enough fuel so you do not have to face difficulties of the empty fuel tank. Always bring a spare tire along with you and other things like that.

Our experts are always trying to make our customers aware of those things which are in favor of the same as we have mention the laws for Car Window Tinting Dubai Law for the customers so they can aware from this.

Car Window Tinting Dubai Law:

Car Window Tinting Dubai LawTinting laws are very strict in Dubai and those who not followed the rules will have to pay penalty for it.

1- The government of Dubai and RTA stated a basic rule for the tinting window glass. In that if you want to tint your car window then you can do. You can not tint your window more than 30%.

2- You should apply for a permit of tinted glass because without a permit you can bear a huge penalty.

3- If your car window is above 30% tinted then you have to pay 600 AED straightaway of your car.

4- You must tint your car window in light brown or in black shade otherwise any other will found.

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