Artwork Mounting Services

Artwork Mounting Services

We are here to provide you with the Artwork mounting Services and pictures hanging service in Dubai. We are able to install your artwork in any environment, whether you need to hang your work at home, in a gallery or at an art fair. Dubai Repairs only use high-quality hanging system and techniques to ensure your work is safe and beautifully installed.

With our curatorial and practical experience, we are able to support and advise you at this crucial stage, as well as installing your work, we can design your invitation, flyers, catalogs, information labels, and signs all to museum stand. Further curatorial assistance is available for those who are organizing an exhibition or stall. As well as installing your work. Our handyman is most experienced.

Artwork Mounting Services, provided by Dubai Repairs

Dubai Repairs here to provide you Artwork Mounting services in Dubai. Dubai Repairs team provides a professional picture. Artwork and mirror hanging service, with nearly 10 years experience in picture hanging, mirror hanging and fine art installation on your walls. Our testimonials speak volumes about our friendly and unique service. With a background as a practicing artist, Dubai Repairs brings a trained aesthetic eye to his work. As well as securing your work is hang accurately and safely, he can also organize the pictures, artworks, and mirrors throughout your home.

Our work

Artwork Mounting ServicesAnd we can also arrange the pictures, artworks, and mirrors throughout your entire home. We regularly visit for the new pictures in some galleries to inspire our customers. Often from quite disparate and eclectic mixes. We treat each and every room as a gallery or an artwork, seeing the affair between the current artwork in the room as well as the decoration and lighting.

We think that no job is too large or too small! From single picture or mirrors to an entire home or commercial premises. Whether you’ve just moved or renovated and need to rehang everything or have large, heavy or valuable works, we can do it all for you. Our friendly team of experienced installers all have an aesthetic eye and can help you decide where your artwork, your picture, or your mirror will look best and hang it all for yours. Our team is friendly and devoted. Call us today and let us serve you in the best way.

We are 24/7 available for our customers. Call us today for a free quote.

Wide Range Of Services​

Wide Range of Services

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