Wallpaper Installation Dubai

The Wallpaper installation Dubai enhance the beauty of walls. It gives a smooth look and comes in multiple designs. There different types of Wallpaper installation Dubai as well. The wallpapers are now come in 3D designs as well. Wallpaper installation Dubai required professional expertise as well as tools.

Wallpaper Installation Dubai:

Wallpaper installation Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC offers the variety of Wallpaper installation Dubai services throughout Dubai. We have professional Wallpaper installation Dubai experts who install wallpapers at your doorsteps. We provide fast and reliable Wallpaper installation Dubai services at you doorsteps.

Services of Wallpaper installation Dubai by Al-Suroor:

o We offer wallpaper removal from walls.
o Our expert staff cleans and prepares the walls for wallpaper installation.
o We supply a large variety of wallpapers throughout Dubai.
o We offer services at very economical rates, according to your budget.
o We provide services at your doorsteps.
o We provide wallpaper fixing and restoration services.
o We provide fastest wallpaper installation services in Dubai.
o We have a number of a staff member who comes at the given times and quickly finish their work.

We are covering greater area of Dubai including:

Steps of Wallpaper installation Dubai by Al-Suroor:

Sanding:Wallpaper installation Dubai

The sandpaper is used for sanding the walls to free it from any imperfections, smooth it and then apply a coat of wallpaper primer. Let it dry.

Measuring the wall:

Now the wall is measured properly so that the cutting and pasting of the wallpaper is done. The measurements are taken by our experts, Al-Suroor provides professional handymen who are well trained in measuring walls and places where u need to install the wallpaper.

Cutting the wallpaper:

The wallpaper is cut according to the measurement and a little more. The experts of Al-Suroor are well trained and have years of experience on wallpaper installation. These wallpapers are now placed on the floor and temporarily taped to secure.

Making layout on wall:

Now the layout is made on the wall so that the wallpaper is placed perfectly on the wall and no mistake is made.

Gluing wallpaper:

The glue is poured into the paint roller tray and then applied on the back of wallpaper. Some wallpaper comes with the pre-pasted glue on the back of wallpaper which can be wet and pasted according to the requirement.

Pasting and installing wallpaper:

The wallpapers are now posted on the wall with the glue solution; this is done professional by the handymen of Al-Suroor so that no air bubble or gap is left behind.


The trimming of the excess wallpaper is cut out and the edges are trimmed.

Cleaning extra glue:

The extra glue is cleaned properly with a natural sponge and at the same time the wallpaper is pressed and stacked properly.

Let it dry:

Let the wallpaper dry properly.

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