TV Mounting Service in Dubai

Have you bought a new TV or LED and want to mount it on the wall? Are you shifting your house or office and want TV mounting service in Dubai? Are you renovating your house or TV and want a handyman to provide you TV mounting service in Dubai? If the answers are yes, all you need is Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides TV mounting service in Dubai. We also provide all the services related to mounting the TV such as installation switchboards, plugs or electric supply in the wall, installation of music system or home theater with TV, installation of DVD player with TV, connecting it with HTML cable, laptops, USB or speakers.

TV Mounting Service in Dubai:

TV mounting service in Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides you the best TV mounting service in Dubai. Our team members are well trained to mounting the TV at homes and offices. All kinds of the TV are mounted by our expert and reliable handyman. Our team is professionally trained in mounting the TV, start it, and do the settings. Our services are every affordable and reasonable so that customers can enjoy the mounting. Our professional staff is very reliable as they are hired after a background check and have experience in their field. The mounting professional will solve your problem in no time and will come to your doorstep to deliver his services.

We are covering greater area of Dubai including:

Why choose Al-Suroor TV mounting service in Dubai?

• Some companies try selling you different accessories to hard-sell during the mounting of TVs but we don’t do that.
• Our professionals are very experienced in the mounting of TVs and are fully trained for this process.
• Our professionals will guide you how to use the TV so that all the family members can easily use it.
• We provide best services in TV mounting in town. Prices of our services are also very reasonable.

How to mount the TV?

TV mounting is just a call away. Al-Suroor will provide all the services you needed for the mounting. You can call our professional team member to mount the TV at your home by just a few simple steps:

TV mounting service in Dubai

• Call us or visit our website to avail the services.
• He will measure the wall and TV you want to mount.
• He will mark the places for drilling.
• He will drill the holes for installation of TV mount.
• He will attach the TV to the wall and screw it in the place.
• He will connect the electric supply.
• He will check the right working of the TV.
• He will do all the basic settings to give it a start.
• He will provide you tips to maintain and use the TV.
• He will receive the payment
• Now you can enjoy new TV in no time.

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