Bag Repair Dubai

Al Beda Al Jadeed offers best Bag repair Dubai services in town. Al Beda Al Jadeed is a well-known company which is expert in Bag repair Dubai and all types of the trolley, ladies, and luggage bag repairs in Dubai. Therefore it has many customers and offers services all over Dubai.

Types of Bag Repair Dubai by Al Beda Al Jadeed:

Bags can be of many types depending on its usage, the bag can serve many purposes depending on its size and shape.

1. Shoulder bag:

These bags can go different types but mainly has steps to be hung on the shoulder. These bags can have different sizes and shapes.

2. Clutch:

It is designed to be carried in the hand, not only these clothes have heavy embellishments but beautiful small shapes which are easy to be carried on evenings and parties.

3. Backpack:

These bags have care capacity and can be hung on the shoulders by people of all age especially youngsters and college-going males and females.

4. Hobo bag:

These have a large capacity, carried on shoulder with one close main compartment.

5. Wallet:

The wallets are small size bags which are designed to keep and carry money, credit cards, business cards, cash, ID cards, driving license and any other compatible and important document which can be easy places in pockets or any other bags if needed.

6. Purse:

These are specially designed for women to keep and carry all the important items with them such as money, cash, makeup, and keys.

7. Briefcase:

These bags are usually used for traveling and transporting important things. These are usually used for office and business uses. Where all the things are at its own place

8. Suitcase:

These are also the same thing but usually, have many sizes to transport and organize different things in it.

9. Makeup bag:

These bags also have small, medium and large sizes depend on upon the quantity of making new wants carry.

10. Pencil case:

These are small bags used to store and organize the pencils and other stationery items.

11. School bag:

These bags are used for caring books, laptops, and other study material to school, colleges, and universities.

12. Sports bag:

The sports bags are used to keep the sports material, sportswear and shoes as well as other sports-related items such as water, safety wears, and towels etc.

13. Gym bag:

These bags serve the similar purpose as the sports bag, it is used by males and females for gaming purpose. The gym bags contain the material according to the customer demand.

14. Laptop bag:

This bag is used for caring the laptops to schools, colleges, universities, offices, and business.

15. Tote bag

This is an easily hung on the back; these bags are used by the youngsters and easy in traveling. The travelers and tourist hang these bags so that they can easily transport the stuff while traveling.