Maintenance Company in Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC in Dubai gives you simple and easy home, office and commercial area Maintenance Company in Dubai. Finding a good handyman is very difficult and time consuming these days. Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides Maintenance Company in Dubai at a reasonable cost with the best quality. We provide all the services such as Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Painter and Construction experts. We deal in maintenance, home maintenance and other works related to it.

Maintenance Company in Dubai:

Maintenance Company in Dubai

Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC provides Maintenance Company in Dubai for the residents of Dubai in the most convenient way, we offer best repairs and Maintenance Company in Dubai solutions by our expert professionals. It is very easy to get a help for maintenance and find good handyman of Al-Suroor Technical Services LLC to solve all your maintenance problems. Services of Al-Suroor in Maintenance Company in Dubai:

• Electrical work
• Painting
• Repairing of ACs and services of ACs
• Installation of false ceiling
• Repairing of washing machines
• Repairing of Refrigerator
• Plumbing work
• Carpentry work
• Kitchen repairing and services
• Curtain and blinds hanging work

• Partition work
• Anti –insect fumigations
• Water proofing
• Civil renovations and construction work
• Steel railing
• Fabrication work
• Home shifting
• Furniture shifting
• Furniture making, installation and repairs.

We are covering greater area of Dubai including:

Features of Al-Suroor Maintenance Company in Dubai:

Proving all services:

Al-Suroor provides A-Z services of home and offices as well as commercial areas. Our professionals are well trained in meeting your demands and requirements.

Meeting customer demand:

We meet the customer demands; whether the customer wants professional and technical marketing and advertising service we have it all.

Understanding the work details:

Our professional writers fully understand the work first. They thoroughly go through the details of work before starting the work such as the topic, requirements of the client, type of work they want, budget of the client, and users demand.


We provide different types of advertising strategies for the websites according to the product and services they provide. We provide solutions according to your problem.

Fast and easy advertising services:

We provide fast and easy service. Just book a professional from Al-Suroor and your work will be done in no time.

Meeting deadlines:

We meet restricted deadlines of our clients.


We are very reasonable and economical. Our team members are well trained to repair and maintain household items at homes and offices. Our team is professionally trained. Our services are every affordable and reasonable so that customers can enjoy the repairing. Our professional staff is very reliable as they are hired after a background check and have experience in their field. The installation professional will solve your problem in no time and will come to your doorstep to deliver his services.

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